12 hilarious signs you’ve got pregnancy brain

These are all true things that have happened to me, because pregnancy brain fog, or baby brain, makes you unreliable and forgetful.

I recently read that sleep deprivation is one of the primary causes of pregnancy brain. And yeah, I believe that. Because it’s simply im-POSsible to think a single rational thought when you’re awakened every hour all night for several months in a row.

Being a mother is the best thing in the world. It is. But I’m insanely tired. My brain is fried. And I say and do some completely crazy things because my sleep-deprived brain is currently amused by this.

These are some of the stupid things I did when I had my first baby. And if you’re not sure pregnancy brain is real, let this be the proof you need.

What is pregnancy brain?

Pregnancy brain” is the forgetfulness and mental fogginess some women experience during pregnancy.

It’s not just a myth; hormonal changes and the stress of expecting a baby can impact memory and concentration.

It’s a common experience, so if you’re pregnant and feeling a bit scatterbrained, know that it’s normal and usually temporary.

Pregnancy brain

What causes pregnancy brain?

Pregnancy brain might cause memory problems, poor concentration, and absentmindedness. Causes include:

  1. Hormonal changes: Pregnancy floods the body with fluctuating hormones, impacting the brain and memory.
  2. Sleep disturbances: Many pregnant women experience insomnia or sleep problems, affecting cognitive functions.
  3. Stress and anxiety: Worry or excitement about the upcoming changes can interfere with concentration and memory.
  4. Brain structure changes: Some studies suggest pregnancy induces structural brain changes, possibly making the brain more efficient for motherhood but impacting memory temporarily​

Pregnancy brain stories

These are some of the funny signs that you might experience during pregnancy. I’ve been through them all.

1. You forget where you are

When I’m at the supermarket with my baby and can’t remember what we were going after or how we got there.

2. You call people the wrong name. Including yourself.

At the pharmacy, I claimed my name was Naaja. But it’s not my name. It’s my sister-in-law’s.

3. You start rocking the baby…

Only to realize, the baby is fast asleep in the pram.

4. You head out in your pajamas

When we’re heading out and I’m so busy changing Theo’s diapers, getting him dressed, in his outerwear, his hat, and pacifier that I forget myself. I got halfway to the bus stop before I discovered I was still in my pajamas. Nice, Miriam.

5. You can’t remember basic words… like your hand

At one point, I couldn’t remember the word ‘hand.’ Called it an ‘arm foot’ for hours.

6. Your dinner takes ages to cook (because you forgot to put the oven on)

You wait for ages and ages wondering why your food isn’t cooking and only after 45 minutes realize you’ve not switched the oven on.

7. You forget passwords and numbers

The other day I shopped for DKK 76.50 at the store, and when I entered the pin code, I entered 7650 (which is not my pin code at all).

8. You use your deodorant as hair spray

You reach out for some hair spray or dry shampoo and only after spritzing it liberally, do you realize you used your deodorant instead. Dooh!

9. You forget words mid-sentence

You literally forget what you’re about to say mid-sentence. You forget even common words and end up in an embarrassing pause, making no sense whatsoever.

10. You pour yogurt into your morning tea. And consider drinking it

When I accidentally poured yogurt into the tea, and in my sleep-deprived state considered drinking it because I was too tired to boil another cup. Is it really that gross? (Yes! It is!)

11. You forget your husband’s name

My husband misplaced his phone and asked me to call it with mine. I stared at my contacts realizing I had completely forgotten his name. After about 1 minute he asked from the other room “Is it ringing?” And I broke down crying because I couldn’t remember…

10. You embarrass yourself

And then the worst pregnancy brain fog: When I was at the men’s shop, and two young sales guys were checking me out. I strutted out of there confident, thinking, “YES, I’ve still got it!”.

Only, when I got out on the street and happened to see my mirror image in a shop window, I discovered the flood of vomit that Theo had left on my jacket. ALL the way down my back and even in my hair.

I was mortified.

So, am I the only one who’s a complete disaster, or do you also have a funny pregnancy brain story?

FAQ about pregnancy brain

Is brain fog normal during pregnancy?

Yes, it is.

“Pregnancy brain or “momnesia” is a real thing, says Akron Children’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist Dr. Abdelaziz Saleh.

“A woman’s actual brain cells do not change, but the environment around them do,” he said. “During pregnancy, the body sends a flood of fluctuating hormones throughout the body. It’s like a truckload of different sizes and flavors, which affect all kinds of neurons in the brain.” (source: www.akronchildrens.org)

How long does the pregnancy brain last?

According to Science, pregnancy resculpts women’s brains for at least 2 years.

What husband should not do when his wife is pregnant?

here are five things husbands should avoid when their wife is pregnant:

  1. Don’t ignore her emotional needs. Pregnancy can be an emotional rollercoaster. Husbands should be supportive and understanding, not dismissive.
  2. Avoid exposing her to stress. Stress isn’t good for the mother or the baby. Husbands need to help maintain a calm and peaceful environment.
  3. Don’t skip prenatal appointments. Being present at doctor’s visits shows support and helps the husband stay informed about the pregnancy.
  4. Avoid being unsupportive about physical changes. A pregnant woman’s body goes through a lot. Husbands should be understanding and positive about these changes, not critical.
  5. Don’t neglect communication. It’s key to talk openly about feelings, fears, and expectations. This helps strengthen the relationship during this transformative time.

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