60 beautiful Faroese girl names and meanings (2024)

If you’re looking for Faroese girl names for your little one or just interested in beautiful names from the Faroe Islands, you’re in the right spot.

I’ve gathered a list that includes a mix of popular names, names with nature-inspired meanings, and some that are unique.

I’m here to help you find that special name you’re searching for.

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About Faroese girl names

Faroese girl names are unique to the Faroe Islands, with their roots in Old Norse language, much like their Scandinavian neighbors.

However, they’re distinct due to the Faroese tongue’s evolution. Names often reflect the islands’ nature, like “Døgg” (dew) or “Rósa” (rose), and they’re pronounced with a soft, Scandinavian lilt.

While they share similarities with names from Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, Faroese names retain a special charm that’s all their own.

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Faroese girl names

🇫🇴 Popular Faroese girl names

1. Anna

Anna is a classic name that means “grace” or “favorable.” It has roots in Hebrew and has been widely adopted in many cultures.

  • Pronunciation: AH-nah

2. Katrin

Katrin is the Faroese form of Katherine, which means “pure.” It comes from the Greek ‘Aikaterine.’

  • Pronunciation: KAH-trin

3. Maria

Maria is a variation of Mary, a name with Biblical origins meaning “beloved” or “wished-for child.”

  • Pronunciation: mah-REE-ah

4. Jóhanna

Jóhanna is the Faroese version of Johanna, meaning “God is gracious.” It has Hebrew origins.

  • Pronunciation: yo-HAN-nah

5. Súsanna

Súsanna comes from the Hebrew name Shoshannah, translating to “lily” or “rose.”

  • Pronunciation: SOO-sah-nah

6. Elin

Elin is a name with Greek origins, a form of Helen, which means “torch” or “bright, shining light.”

  • Pronunciation: EH-lin

7. Rannvá

Rannvá has old Faroese roots and means “house” or “home” with a connotation of wisdom and protection.

  • Pronunciation: RAHN-vah

8. Hildur

Hildur is an Old Norse name meaning “battle” or “war.” It’s a name signifying strength.

  • Pronunciation: HIL-dur

9. Bára

Bára is derived from the Old Norse word “bára,” meaning “wave.” It gives a sense of connection to the sea.

  • Pronunciation: BAH-rah

10. Eva

Eva is the Faroese equivalent of Eve, meaning “life” or “living one.” It’s a name with deep historical roots.

  • Pronunciation: EH-va

11. Sunniva

Sunniva has Old Norse origins, meaning “sun gift” and reflects the importance of sunlight in the Nordic culture.

  • Pronunciation: SUN-ee-va

12. Hanna

Hanna is from Hebrew for “favor” or “grace.” It’s a popular name in many cultures.

  • Pronunciation: HAN-nah

13. Sara

Sara means “princess” or “noblewoman” in Hebrew. It’s a name that has been embraced worldwide.

  • Pronunciation: SAH-rah

14. Turið

Turið stems from the Norse elements for “Thor” and “beautiful.” It connects the Faroese tradition with the mythic past.

  • Pronunciation: TU-ree

15. Lív

Lív, from the Old Norse, means “life.” It reflects an appreciation for vitality and spirit.

  • Pronunciation: LEEV

16. Kristina

Kristina is the Faroese take on the name Christina, meaning “follower of Christ” or “Christian.”

  • Pronunciation: kris-TEE-nah

17. Elisabet

Elisabet is the Faroese form of Elizabeth, rooted in the Hebrew for “God is abundance” or “God is my oath.”

  • Pronunciation: EH-lis-ah-bet

18. Sólja

Sólja is the Faroese name meaning “sun” which signifies warmth and radiance.

  • Pronunciation: SOL-jah

19. Karin

Karin is a form of Katherine, meaning “pure.” It’s simple yet carries a significant meaning.

  • Pronunciation: KAH-rin

20. Sigrid

Sigrid combines Old Norse words for “victory” and “beautiful,” often interpreted as “beautiful victory.”

  • Pronunciation: SIG-rid

🇫🇴 Faroese girl names with unique meanings

21. Blóm

Blóm is a Faroese name that directly translates to “flower,” symbolizing beauty and growth.

  • Pronunciation: /bloːm/

22. Lilja

Lilja is derived from the Faroese word for “lily,” a flower often associated with purity and innocence.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈliʎa/

23. Rósa

Rósa is the Faroese form of “rose,” representing the flower known for its romantic connotations and loveliness.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈroːsa/

24. Døgg

Døgg is a poetic Faroese name meaning “dew,” evoking imagery of freshness and the early morning.

  • Pronunciation: /dœɡː/

25. Á

Á is a simple yet evocative Faroese name meaning “stream,” suggesting a flowing, serene nature.

  • Pronunciation: /ɔuː/

26. Mýri

Mýri comes from the Faroese word for “marsh,” a name that may connote a connection to nature and the earth.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈmyːrɪ/

27. Sjór

Sjór is a Faroese name that means “sea,” reflecting the island nation’s deep ties to the ocean.

  • Pronunciation: /ʃoːr/

28. Løkin

Løkin is a unique Faroese name meaning “puddle,” which might suggest a playful or whimsical character.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈlœkin/

29. Fjóra

Fjóra is inspired by the word “fjord,” a coastal feature prevalent in Scandinavian landscapes, indicating a strong connection to the sea and natural beauty.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈfjɔuːra/

30. Blávus

Blávus is a Faroese name meaning “blue water lily,” a name that brings to mind tranquility and the exotic beauty of this aquatic flower.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈblaːvus/

🇫🇴 Rare Faroese girl names

31. Alsanna

Alsanna is likely derived from Old Norse elements, suggesting a protective meaning.

  • Pronunciation: al-SAHN-nah

32. Birta

Birta means ‘light’ or ‘brightness’ in Faroese, illuminating hope.

  • Pronunciation: BEER-tah

33. Durita

A diminutive form of the name Dùra, Durita conveys a sense of enduring strength.

  • Pronunciation: doo-REE-tah

34. Eyðbjørg

Eyðbjørg combines Old Norse words for “island” and “protection,” symbolizing a haven.

  • Pronunciation: AY-thbyorrg

35. Fríða

Fríða, meaning ‘beautiful’ in Faroese, is directly linked to Old Norse roots for beauty.

  • Pronunciation: FREE-tha

36. Grima

Grima refers to a ‘mask’ or ‘helmet’ in the old folk language, suggesting mystery.

  • Pronunciation: GREE-mah

37. Heiða

Heiða stems from Norse meaning ‘heathland’ and evokes images of the open, natural landscape of the Faroes.

  • Pronunciation: HAY-thah

38. Ingunn

Ingunn is sourced from Norse mythology, associated with fertility and love.

  • Pronunciation: IN-goon

39. Jóna

Jóna is the female form of Jón, the Faroese variant of John, meaning ‘God is gracious.’

  • Pronunciation: YOH-nah

40. Kráka

Kráka has Old Norse origins, referring to a ‘crow,’ a bird noted for its intelligence.

  • Pronunciation: KRAH-kah

41. Lovisa

A Nordic twist on Louise, Lovisa means ‘famous warrior,’ showcasing strength.

  • Pronunciation: lo-VEE-sah

42. Marna

Marna could be a contraction of Marina, invoking the sea’s vastness and mystery.

  • Pronunciation: MAR-nah

43. Nína

Nína comes from a global diminutive, but in Faroese, it holds a unique charm.

  • Pronunciation: NEE-nah

44. Osla

Osla is likely an Old Norse name, connoting ‘God’s bear’ or a divine protector.

  • Pronunciation: OS-lah

45. Pæja

Pæja is an endearing name with no clear meaning but has a pleasant ring to it.

  • Pronunciation: PAI-yah

46. Rúna

Rúna has ties to the runes and the mystery and power they represent in Nordic cultures.

  • Pronunciation: ROO-nah

37. Sanna

Short for Susanna, Sanna means ‘lily,’ a symbol of purity in many cultures.

  • Pronunciation: SAH-nah

38. Tóra

Tóra comes from Thor, the Norse god of thunder, meaning ‘thunder goddess.’

  • Pronunciation: THOR-ah

39. Unn

Unn means ‘to love’ in Old Norse, representing affection and tenderness.

  • Pronunciation: UHN

40. Vár

Vár, in Norse mythology, is the goddess who listens to people’s oaths, signifying truth and promise.

  • Pronunciation: VAHR

41. Yrja

Yrja could have connections to ‘earth’ or ‘to rage’ in Old Norse, being dynamic and grounded.

  • Pronunciation: YUR-yah

42. Æsa

Æsa is a contraction of names in Old Norse beginning with the god Æsir, reflecting divinity.

  • Pronunciation: AY-sah

43. Ølvør

Ølvør combines elements of heritage and eagle, hinting at an ancestral spirit and freedom.

  • Pronunciation: UL-vor

44. Ásla

Ásla is a modern Faroese name likely inspired by noble lineage or heritage.

  • Pronunciation: OW-slah

45. Birna

Birna comes from the Old Norse word for ‘bear’, a creature emblematic of strength.

  • Pronunciation: BEER-nah

46. Dagmar

Dagmar has roots meaning ‘day’ and ‘maid,’ hinting at light and grace.

  • Pronunciation: DAG-mar

47. Eydna

Eydna is a unique Faroese name that may mean ‘new beginning.’

  • Pronunciation: EYD-nah

48. Fía

Short and sweet, Fía is likely derived from Sophia, meaning ‘wisdom.’

  • Pronunciation: FEE-ah

49. Gudrið

Tracing back to Old Norse, Gudrið means ‘god’s beautiful rider’ or ‘peace.’

  • Pronunciation: GOOD-ridh

50. Halla

The name Halla is akin to ‘rock’ in Old Norse, symbolizing strength and steadiness.

  • Pronunciation: HAL-lah

51. Íris

Íris, similar to the English Iris, suggests the beauty and uniqueness of the rainbow.

  • Pronunciation: EE-ris

52. Janna

Janna can be a contraction of Johanna, inferring ‘God is gracious.’

  • Pronunciation: YAHN-nah

53. Kolbrún

Kolbrún directly translates to ‘black-browed,’ indicating striking features.

  • Pronunciation: KOL-broon

54. Lina

A Nordic name meaning ‘tender’ or ‘gentle,’ Lina exudes softness and grace.

  • Pronunciation: LEE-nah

55. Maja

Maja is a derivative of Maria and bears significance as the ‘star of the sea.’

  • Pronunciation: MY-ah

56. Nanna

In Nordic mythology, Nanna is the goddess of joy, fitting for a beloved child.

  • Pronunciation: NAN-nah

57. Oddvør

An enigmatic Faroese name, Oddvør means ‘spear’ or ‘new beginning.’

  • Pronunciation: OTH-vur

58. Pálma

Pálma, akin to Palma, can signify pilgrimage, significant in religious contexts.

  • Pronunciation: PAL-mah

59. Rebekka

Faroese for Rebecca, this name conveys the traditional meaning ‘to bind.’

  • Pronunciation: reh-BEK-kah

60. Silja

Silja is the Faroese variation of Cecilia, meaning ‘blind to one’s own beauty.’

  • Pronunciation: SIL-yah

FAQ – Faroese girls names

What are the popular girl names in the Faroe Islands?

Popular girl names in the Faroe Islands include Maria, Anna, and Olivia. These names have been among the top choices for parents in recent years.

What are the names of the Faroe Islands?

The names of the Faroe Islands include Streymoy, Eysturoy, Vágar, and Mykines, among others. Each island has its own unique name and identity. 

What is the name Faroe?

The name “Faroe” is believed to be derived from Old Norse, meaning “Sheep Islands.”

This name was given by the Viking Age settlers, reflecting the archipelago’s abundant sheep population and the importance of sheep farming in the region.

The Faroese name for the islands is “Føroyar.” 

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