70 positive affirmations for birth – you can do this, mama!

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positive affirmations for birth

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Words have power, and these positive affirmations for birth can help empower and give you the strength you need during labor.

Having a baby can be scary, I know. I was afraid of giving birth, so I worked on my mindset to prepare myself for welcoming our sons into the world.

I have used these birth mantras during labor for a proactive birth where I felt as much in-charge as possible. You can’t control a birth, but you can manage your mindset and how you feel about it. The affirmations helped a lot and they were part of the many things I did to prepare myself for a good birth experience. I hope you will benefit from them, too.

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What are birth affirmations?

A birth affirmation or birth mantra is a short, simple phrase you repeat to maintain a positive mindset regarding the birth process.

Birth confirmations are phrases or words that mean something to you. They can motivate and reassure you during your birth, and help you visualize the birth that YOU want.

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How to use birth mantras during labor

Labor and delivery affirmations can be used both as birth preparation before birth, to make you safe and calm, and they can also be used during labor. I used them a lot during my contractions, to help visualize that I was dilating and that my baby was safe. They also helped reassure me and be grateful for every contraction that brought me closer to my baby.

I experienced a strength. With these positive affirmations for birth I felt myself and felt more closely connected to my baby.

When the contractions were most intense, I said YES out loud ‘That was a really good contraction’ instead of ‘ouch or no’.  By turning it around and focusing on the outcome, I got through it and actively changed my mindset.

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Positive affirmations for birth

Having a pregnancy mantra can be a powerful tool to overcome uncertainty and turn fear into empowerment. These birth affirmations for labor will help keep you positive and ready for what you need to do.

I can do this

I’m dilating – there’s plenty of room for my baby

I dilate easily, effortlessly and painlessly

I trust my body and my instincts

I let go and open up

I give birth with women all over the world

I let my uterus work in peace

I let go and I am safe

I can handle anything. I know I can.

My body is strong and capable of giving birth

Every contraction brings me closer to my baby

I inhale strength and exhale tension

I take one contraction at a time with my breathing

I’m prepared and ready

I can give birth

My baby and I work together during birth

I can do anything for one minute

I listen to my instincts during labor

My baby fits my body perfectly

My baby is safe and secure on their way out

I am not afraid but excited and filled with joy

I am a fierce mom-to-be

I’m so excited to see my baby

I am present every step of the way

My body is wonderfully strong

I believe in a positive birth

My body can do this

I’m excited to give birth and meet my baby

I am capable of giving birth

I accept myself completely

My baby is doing well, and is coping with the birth in the best way

Everything is as it should be

Relax, breathe, open up

Contractions are good, they bring me closer to my baby

THANK YOU for a good contraction

Cesarian section birth affirmations

Some women who have a c-section may feel disappointed that they didn’t have a vaginal birth. Delivering a baby, no matter how you do it, is a valid birth that should be celebrated and empowered. Giving birth is always a miracle, and hopefully these mantras for labor can help you experience that.

Every birth is a valid birth

I am surrounded by love and support

This is the best birth for our family

I am prepared for whatever birth my body and my baby need

The safe delivery of my baby is the most important thing

I am giving my baby the best birth possible.

The story of my baby’s birth is amazing because it is our birth story

I am in the right place, doing the right thing

Today, I am celebrating my baby’s birth

I focus on what I can control and I let go of what I can’t

I look forward to meeting my baby

My body will heal

My body is capable and strong

I am ready to meet my baby

Me and baby are safe

birth mantras during labor

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Birth affirmations for dads

We often don’t realize how much pressure our husbands are under when they become dads. Most of the focus is on us, the mom and the baby. These birth affirmations for dads can help him transition into fatherhood, and if you take time to show and tell him that he’s valued, he’s likely to benefit from these.

My family is safer when I am present and part of the birth process

I release my fears before birth begins

My wife and baby are safe

The love in my family deepens when I show up and help

My wife can lean on me. I will be there

I am confident. I can handle this situation

If I get overwhelmed, I take a deep breath and release it

My family values me

My wife recognizes and respects my efforts

This is my birth experience, too

Christian birth affirmations

For the Christian mom, birth affirmations are a powerful way to prepare for a peaceful birth. You know that the Lord, who created the universe and everything in it, has promised to help you and never leave you. Reminding yourself of this through positive affirmations throughout your labor can bring the peace and strength to your birth you need.

I trust God to guide me and my baby through birth

God chose this day for my baby to be born

Thank you, Lord, for helping us through this

Everything is as He has decided

I let go and let God

I choose to rest in the peace that surpasses understanding

God has given me all the strength I need for this moment

I trust the Lord, who made my body to do this

Jesus is always with me

Christ strengthens me

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