Nanit vs Owlet: Which Baby Breathing Monitor is Better? (2024)

Nanit vs Owlet
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So, you’re looking for a baby breathing monitor and it’s down to Nanit vs Owlet?

You’ve picked two of the best baby monitors out there, so you can’t really go wrong with either. Whether your little one was born premature or you just want a monitor that gives you peace of mind, both the Nanit and Owlet will give you better monitoring of your baby than a regular monitor.

In this post, I’m going to cover:

  • If a baby breathing monitor is right for you (over a normal monitor)
  • How the Nanit works (+ pros and cons)
  • How the Owlet works (+ pros and cons)
  • Similarities and differences between the Nanit and Owlet
  • Which is better

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What does a baby breathing monitor do?

As parents, we worry about our newborns. And if your baby was born prematurely or has health conditions, this can lead to more anxiety.

That’s where the baby breathing monitors come in.

While regular baby monitors give you sound or video of your baby, a breathing monitor also tracks your baby’s vital health signs such as heart rate, oxygen levels, and sleep habits.

It’s basically a baby surveillance system that tells you how your little one is doing, so you don’t have to worry about SIDS or if they’re getting enough sleep.

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Do you need a baby breathing monitor?

There’s no right or wrong answer to this. You need to feel safe, and if a baby breathing monitor can give you that peace of mind, it’s the right choice to get one.

Usually, new moms and dads choose a breathing monitor over a traditional one for these two reasons:

When you worry about SIDS

I think all moms worry about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) at some point. I know I have. I cannot count the times I went to check on our oldest son as a baby, just to hear if he was still breathing.

The anxiety surrounding this mysterious and frightening phenomenon can be alleviated by having something that allows you to keep constant tabs on your baby’s breathing from afar or while you sleep.

You want more data about your baby’s vitals and sleep

A baby breathing monitor is also a really useful tool for getting to know your baby’s sleeping habits.

You’ll become familiar with the sounds they make, the periods when they’re at their most restful, those moments when they wake up and cry, and even any dreams or nightmares they might have.

What to look for in a baby breathing monitor

When you’re shopping around for a baby breathing monitor, and especially when comparing Nanit vs Owlet monitors, there are a few different features and aspects to consider.


A baby breathing monitor is an important piece of tech for any mother, so you want something that’s reliable.

But you also don’t need something that will break the bank, so it’s important to find a balance in price when comparing Nanit vs Owlet monitors. Baby breathing monitors have more features so they are naturally pricier.


This is arguably the most important consideration when comparing Nanit vs Owlet (and any other baby breathing monitor on the market). Does it need Wifi to fully function? What about batteries?

Camera quality

Modern baby monitors come with a camera to fit above your baby’s crib.

This means that choosing the best video baby monitor is an important consideration when comparing an Owlet camera vs Nanit. If the camera quality is poor, you might as well not have one at all.

For instance, the new Nanit Pro from 2021 brings a 1080p resolution (Nanit Plus is 960p), which is a big improvement, and it gives you a birds-eye livestream view of your baby.


You’ll be amazed by the range of handy and convenient apps that come with baby monitors, and the quality of these apps can be a deciding factor when choosing a Nanit vs Owlet baby monitor.

The Nanit App for instance isn’t downloadable on computers so you can’t view the camera’s streams on there.

But the Owlet App is – you simply need a WiFi connection. While this isn’t necessarily a deal breaker, it’s certainly a plus.

Additional features

When it comes down to the wire and two different brands of baby monitors that seem to be offering the same quality of camera, hardware reliability, and price, it’ll be the additional features that become the deciding factor when choosing the best video baby monitor for you.

Comparison Overview: Nanit vs Owlet

The Nanit Pro is a complete monitoring system with breathing wear, a camera, and a smart travel stand.

The Owlet Duo comes with a camera and a smart sock (incl. two sock sizes, and a right and left sock for each size).

Nanit vs OwletNanitOwlet
What’s includedComplete Monitoring System:
Nanit Pro Camera
Breathing Wear
Travel multi-stand
Nanit app
Free 1-year Nanit Insights
Owlet Monitor Duo
The Smart Sock
The Owlet Cam
Owlet app
What does it monitorBaby’s breathing and sleepBaby’s heart rate and oxygen levels
Batteries requiredNo1 Lithium Metal battery
Encryption256 bitAES 128 bit
ConnectivityWifi 2.5 gHz WiFi
PriceFull Bundle: $379
Complete Monitoring System (Camera + Breathing Wear Band + Multi-stand)
Full Bundle: $399
Owlet Monitor Duo (Camera + Sock)
Warranty4.6 stars based on 2,488 ratings2 year limited warranty
Reviews (on Amazon) 2.5 GHz WiFi4.5 stars based on 1,184 ratings

Nanit Complete Monitoring System Review

When comparing Nanit vs Owlet, the Nanit Complete Monitoring System is one of the biggest and best baby breathing monitors on the market right now.

The Nanit Pro is the 3rd and newest version of the Nanit baby monitor from 2021. The Nanit Plus and Nanit Original are no longer sold.

It comes with a range of features, both physical and digital:

  • Nanit Plus camera, complete with wall mount
  • Nanit Breathing Wear Starter Pack (including swaddle and breathing band)
  • Nanit camera multi-stand
  • Nanit Insights app (sleep coaching, breathing monitor, memory scrapbook, and parenting team features)
  • Sound and motion alert
  • Nature sounds and white noise
  • Two-way audio (so you can talk to your baby)
  • Compatibility with Amazon Alexa

How does it work?

The Nanit Complete Monitoring System comes with everything you need to monitor your baby as they sleep.

All you need is your smartphone and crib. Included in the box is an HD camera that can be mounted on the wall, a special Breathing Wear that monitors your baby’s breathing, and an app that connects the Nanit baby monitor to your smartphone.

Nanit Plus camera

You can choose to attach the HD Nanit camera to the wall using the wall mount that comes with the monitor, or you can use the multi-stand to take the camera with you when you go out.

Breathing wear

With the Nanit Swaddle and Breathing Band, you can closely monitor your baby’s breathing motion in real-time.

The app on your phone connects with the Breathing Wear and watches as your baby breathes, alerting you to any issues if they are detected.

Nanit app

With the Nanit Plus Complete Baby Monitoring System, you get access to the Nanit Insights app, which can be downloaded to your phone, hooked up to your camera and Breathing Wear, and used to monitor your baby’s breathing and sleep activity.

The Nanit Insights app comes with four functions. The first is Sleep, which uses your baby’s unique sleep data to come up with custom sleep coaching.

The second is Breathing, which hooks up to the Breathing Wear and monitors the breathing activity of your baby as they sleep. The Memories feature periodically takes photos of your baby and scrapbooks them.

The Parenting Team feature invites other members of your family to watch the feed and help you monitor your baby.


  • The HD camera can be mounted above your baby’s crib or taken on the go using its multi-stand.
  • The app comes with a range of excellent features, including the handy Parenting Team which allows for family members to help out with your baby monitoring.
  • The included nature sounds and white noise features encourage relaxing, comfortable sleep for your little one.
  • Two-way audio so you can comfort your baby


  • Potential connection issues between the hardware and the app mean you may have to reconnect and synchronize the app with the camera once in a while.

Owlet Monitor and Smart Sock Review

In the race between Nanit vs Owlet, the Owlet Duo Monitor (which includes a camera and smart sock) calls itself the “complete baby monitor solution”. But is that true? Is it the perfect baby monitor for new mothers?

Designed by Owlet, this monitor and smart sock duo uses modern hardware and software technology to provide a complete monitoring experience.

The Owlet Duo Monitor includes:

  • A full 1080p HD camera, which streams live to your cell phone.
  • The Owlet app receives real-time information about your baby’s breathing and heart rate.
  • The pulse oximeter constantly tracks your baby’s vital information and even monitors the room’s temperature.
  • The app also offers two-way radio functionality.
  • The smart sock sends off an alarm if your baby’s oxygen levels drop below healthy levels.

How does it work?

Using a combination of an HD camera, phone app, and smart sock, the Owlet Monitor Duo sends all the information you need right to your phone.

The Owlet cam

The Owlet cam streams live to your phone in 1080p HD. You can use the included wall mount to attach it above your baby’s crib or place it on a flat surface for a full view of the room.

The Owlet Smart Sock

The Owlet smart sock fits around your baby’s foot. It then sends constant heart rate and oxygen data to your cell phone via the Owlet app. This keeps you informed on the health and stress levels of your little one.

Owlet app

Through the app, you can receive heart rate and oxygen levels in real-time, use a 4x zoom to check on your baby via the camera, and even use a two-way radio to send your voice over to comfort them.


  • The HD camera can be wall-mounted or placed on a surface
  • The sock is comfortable and unobtrusive
  • A live stream of information allows you to sleep easily and feel less anxious


  • If the connection between the camera and phone fails, you lose all real-time information
  • The app requires a constantly charged phone that you may feel glued to at all times
  • It’s not FDA-approved. This doesn’t mean that it’s not safe, it simply means that it can’t be used to diagnose, treat, or prevent conditions and diseases.

Which is better, Owlet or Nanit?

When comparing Nanit vs Owlet baby breathing monitors, there are quite a few things to consider, even once you have a full rundown of their features. So, let’s compare them in a few key areas.

Baby’s sleep

Both monitors use an accessory to monitor the breathing and heart rate of your little one.

When comparing Nanit vs Owlet, the Owlet monitor uses a Breathing Wear which wraps around your baby’s torso, while the Owlet uses a sock to achieve the same goals. The sock is arguably less obtrusive than the Nanit Breathing Wear.


Both monitors send life streams and updates to your phone via their app, which includes notifications if and when your attention is needed.

Both require the app, an internet connection, and a charged phone to work. The Owlet App is the only of the two that can be downloaded to your computer.


Both the Nanit and Owlet monitors send information to your smartphone app via an encrypted WiFi connection, keeping your data and feed safe.


Both monitors use an HD camera which can be wall-mounted or placed on a flat surface.

In terms of design, the Owlet camera provides a slightly better image and has a more pleasing aesthetic.

Nanit vs Owlet camera

The Nanit camera comes complete with a multi-stand that allows for portability. This means the camera is more suited to a range of surfaces and circumstances. However, the Owlet camera does provide a slightly crisper image via its live feed.

Data saving

The Owlet app stores your baby’s breathing data over time, while the Nanit app uses a scrapbook to store photos of your baby as they sleep. Both have data-saving capabilities but use them for different functions.

One baby or twins

Both monitors come with a single monitor, meaning a second sock or Breathing Wear is required to monitor a second baby’s breathing and heart rate, although one camera is enough to monitor twins.


Both monitors use a two-way radio for you to send your voiceover to your baby. However, the Nanit also provides white noise and nature sounds to soothe your sleeping baby.

The Owlet app, on the other hand, allows for the audio of the live feed to continue even when the app is minimized.

Final verdict – which baby monitor is best?

They’re both great baby breathing monitors so you really can’t go wrong with either. However, they do have some differences, which might help you decide which is better for your needs.

Basically: If you are more concerned about your baby’s sleep patterns, then go for the Nanit Plus. If you want to track your baby’s heart rate and oxygen saturation, then Owlet would be the best choice.

FAQ – Nanit vs Owlet review

Which one is better Nanit or Owlet?

Determining which one is better – Nanit or Owlet – depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Nanit offers detailed sleep tracking and analytics, while Owlet provides vital signs monitoring with its sock sensor. Choose Nanit for comprehensive sleep data and Owlet for health monitoring features

Why don’t pediatricians recommend Owlet?

Pediatricians may not recommend devices like the Owlet because there is no evidence that these monitors prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), and they may also lead to false alarms that cause unnecessary stress for parents.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) emphasizes that there’s no need for such monitors for healthy infants (UPI).

Why is Owlet being discontinued?

Owlet discontinued its Smart Sock product after receiving a warning from the FDA stating that the device was being marketed as a medical product without the necessary clearance or approval.

Following this, Owlet worked to achieve the required FDA clearance and has since relaunched a version of the product with FDA approval (Fierce Biotech).

Is Nanit FDA approved?

As of the information available, Nanit has not been cleared or approved by the FDA to prevent or reduce the risk of SIDS.

The FDA has not approved any baby products with claims to prevent SIDS (FDA).

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