How to avoid diaper blowouts – like a mom boss!

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how to prevent diaper blowouts

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Diaper blowouts – sometimes known as a baby blowout, diaper explosion, or poop blowout – are any parent’s worst nightmare. And yet, you will inevitably deal with them at some point. While you can’t avoid them completely, there are certain steps you can take to help prevent them. Trust me, I’ve tried it so many times.

Let’s take a look.

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Why do diaper blowouts happen?

Diaper blowouts are never pleasant. But, like any good problem, learning how to avoid diaper blowouts means knowing how they happen.

Diaper blowouts are typically caused by ill-fitting diapers. This can mean both diapers that are too tight or too loose. Diaper blowout prevention starts with finding the right diaper size.

Diaper blowouts can also be caused by us parents not noticing that the baby has pooped, potentially leading to a diaper blowout up back. That’s one to watch out for!

Fortunately, there are some great hacks if you find yourself asking: How do you fix a diaper blowout?

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how to avoid diaper blowouts

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9 diaper blowout hacks

Here are a few great diaper blowout hacks for how to prevent diaper blowouts.

1. Change the diaper more often

This seems like an obvious diaper blowout hack — because it is! If you want to avoid your baby having a blowout, make sure they’re never sitting in their own mess. Check and change their diaper frequently to keep the danger of poop leakage to a minimum.

2. Make sure the diaper fits

Like I said above, diaper blowouts can be caused by diapers that are both too tight and too loose. Both bad fittings are a danger! To reduce the risk of baby blowout, one of the easiest diaper blowout hacks is to simply make sure that your baby is fitting perfectly into their diapers each time you put a new one on.

3. Diapers leg ruffles pulled out

Diapers have leg ruffles, and these need to be pulled out properly. If they aren’t, you run the risk of diaper blowout leg leakage, and that isn’t pleasant for you or your little one. So, get into the habit of checking your baby’s leg ruffles every time you change their diaper.

diaper blowouts

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4. Use diapers for active babies

Different babies have different personalities. For our more active and adventurous little ones, you need to prioritise getting the best diapers to prevent blowouts (which I’ll discuss at the very end).

5. Try changing the diaper size

If you find that your baby is still suffering from diaper blowouts even though you’re sure their diaper is fitting perfectly, try going up a size. There’s no harm in playing around with diaper size to see if it makes a difference.

6. Change the diaper brand

Some brands are more at risk of blowout than others. You need to find the best diaper for blowouts. Pampers Swaddlers and Huggies are both reliable brands, but we’ll cover the best diapers to avoid blowouts more at the end.

7. Use an envelope onesie

Using an envelope onesie is a fantastic blowout hack. The envelope folds are for easily getting the onesie over your baby’s shoulders and slip it off over their legs, thus ensuring the mess gets nowhere near their top half. Genius invention, if you ask me.

diaper blowoutsdiaper blowouts

8. Always, ALWAYS bring extra outfits in your diaper bag

This is an easy diaper blowout hack but also something that’s easy to overlook. While we all bring extra diapers when heading out for the day, we often underestimate what can go wrong. Blowout can come as a very unwelcome surprise, so always bring an extra change of clothes and at least five diapers! Remember to also bring baby wipes and disposable plastic bags for the dirty diaper and wipes.

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diaper blowoutsdiaper blowouts

9. Diaper blowouts at night

When diaper blowouts happen at night, you might not be right there to handle it immediately. For that, you need a cloth diaper cover. This is for the simple reason that cloth diapers are great at containing blowouts, adding extra comfort and security for your little one while the family sleeps. You might also want to try a night diaper, which has extra absorbency and double leak guards.

diaper blowoutsdiaper blowouts

Clean up tips

Here are a few great little tips for handling diaper blowouts simply and effectively, whether for newborn blowout or older babies.

best diapers to prevent blowouts

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Step 1

If you have a partner and they’re nearby, ask them to hold the baby while you take the clothes off and shower the baby. Two heads and two pairs of hands are often better than one.

Step 2

Get everything you need ready before attempting to deal with the blowout. This includes having natural wipes, the new diaper, clean water, a towel, and a trash bag nearby. You’ll need all of this to properly handle the baby blowout.

Step 3

Place your baby in the shower straight away, and then remove their clothes. Sometimes I’ve also just turned on the water while they were still in their clothes, because there was poop everywhere. They need to be cleaned anyway, so it’s more important to get the baby clean and warm as quickly as possible.

Step 4

This is a two-part step. First, wash your baby thoroughly with baby soap. Then dress them in a fresh new diaper and clean clothes once they’re dry.

diaper blowoutsdiaper blowouts

Step 5

Rinse the dirty clothes in the shower. If they’ve been stained, you can use stain remover on their pants or onesie. Once you’ve rinsed them, properly wash them. And make sure you do so at 60 degrees celsius or higher.

diaper blowoutsdiaper blowouts

If you’re on the road

Follow steps 1 and 2. Give your baby some toys so they don’t put their hands in the poop (trust me; it happens a lot!). Pull the body of the onesie down over their shoulders; then put it in a plastic bag. Clean your baby while you hold their legs firmly. Wash the clothes as soon as you get home to avoid stains setting in.

Best diapers to prevent blowouts

diaper explosion

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I mentioned above that we would look at some diapers that prevent blowouts. And while it’s never a guarantee, there are certain brands that have made a name for themselves as makers of anti-blowout diapers.

If your baby is particularly skinny or tall, they may be more prone to blowouts because of the way that ordinary diapers fit their body shape. For this, the following brands make the best disposable diaper for blowouts:

If, however, your baby is still small, and going up a diaper size isn’t an option, try Honest Company and Babyganics. They produce some of the best diapers to prevent blowouts in smaller babies.

I hope this helps, mama. If not, you’re welcome to share your frustration in the comments below. We’ve all been there!

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