75 most popular Swedish boy names with meanings (2024)

Imagine calling out to your little Axel as he plays in the backyard, or maybe you see your sweet Emil scribbling away in his coloring book.

Picture your strong, kind-hearted Oscar helping his friends or your adventurous Elias setting off on his own little explorations.

These are just a few examples of the beautiful Swedish baby names that could be a perfect fit for your son.

I’ve gathered a list of the 75 best Swedish boy names, each with a unique meaning, to give you a helping hand. 

So, let’s find one that speaks to you and feels like a warm hug every time you say it to your little one.

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🇸🇪 Popular Swedish Boy Names

Swedish boy names often carry a rich history and resonance, whether it’s the strength found in Viking lore or the simplicity of Scandinavian charm.

You’ll find names that have been popular for generations, each with its distinctive meaning and origin.

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Swedish boy names

1. Lukas

Lukas is derived from the Latin name Lucas, meaning “the one that brings light” or “born at dawn.”

2. Elias

Your son named Elias will have a name that’s a Swedish form of Elijah, meaning “Yahweh is God.”

3. Hugo

Hugo is a strong and intellectual name, of Germanic origin meaning “mind” or “intellect.”

4. Oliver

Oliver may well have roots in the Latin word for “olive tree,” symbolizing peace and beauty.

5. Leo

Leo is perfect for your little lion, with the name coming straight from the Latin word for “lion.”

6. Viktor

Go for Viktor if you want a name that embodies victory, from the Latin “victoria.”

7. Emil

Emil comes from the Latin “Aemilius,” which means “rival” or “striving to excel.”

8. Axel

Axel, the Scandinavian form of the Biblical Absalom, means “father of peace.”

9. Oscar

Your little Oscar could carry a name that resonates with the Old Norse for “God spear,” or “deer-lover.”

10. William

The name William is a classic—it’s of Germanic origin, meaning “resolute protector.”

11. Filip

Filip is the Scandinavian version of Philip, meaning “lover of horses.”

12. Anton

With roots in Roman family names, Anton means “priceless” or “worthy of praise.”

13. Erik

The classic Erik is as strong as ever, with an Old Norse history meaning “sole ruler.”

14. Karl

Karl boasts of free man status, from the Germanic for “man.”

15. Gustav

For a name with royal Swedish history, Gustav means “staff of the Goths.”

16. Linus

In Greek mythology, Linus is a name of poetic meaning, signifying “flax.”

17. Alexander

Give a name that’s stood the test of time; Alexander means “defender of the people.”

18. Albin

Albin is a unique choice, meaning “white” or “bright” in Latin.

19. Arvid

Prepare your boy for greatness with Arvid, which means “eagle tree” in Old Norse.

20. Ludvig

Ludvig carries the weight of “famous warrior,” from its Germanic elements.

21. Nils

Nils, the Swedish form of Nicholas, means “victory of the people.”

22. Simon

Simon is a name that translates to “he has heard” in Hebrew.

23. Johan

Johan is your Swedish equivalent of John, embodying “graced by God.”

24. Adam

In line with the Biblical Adam, the name means “man” or “to make.”

25. Benjamin

Benjamin, carrying the sense of ‘son of the right hand’, is as timeless as it is profound.

26. Anders

A common Scandinavian name, a variant of “Andrew,” meaning “manly” or “brave.”

27. Andreas

A Greek name adopted in Sweden, meaning “manly” or “courageous.”

28. Felix

A Latin name adopted in Sweden, meaning “fortunate” or “happy.”

29. Fredrik

A Swedish form of “Frederick,” conveys “peaceful ruler.”

30. Iver

A Scandinavian name meaning “archer” or “bow warrior.”

31. Justus

A Latin name adopted in Sweden, signifying “just” or “fair.”

32. Matheo

A name of uncertain origin, possibly derived from “Matthew,” meaning “gift of God.”

🇸🇪 Viking Swedish Boy Names

The names listed here trace back to the Viking Age and carry with them a sense of strength and tradition.

Swedish boy names

33. Björn

Björn means “bear” in Old Norse. It’s a name for a boy as mighty and fearless as the animal itself.

34. Leif

Leif is derived from the Old Norse word “leifr,” meaning “descendant” or “heir.” It’s a name linked to the famous explorer Leif Erikson.

35. Thor

The name Thor comes directly from the Norse god of thunder and strength; it’s a powerful choice for your son.

36. Ragnar

Ragnar is a compound of “ragin” (counsel) and “arr” (warrior), often associated with the legendary Viking, Ragnar Lothbrok.

37. Sigurd

Sigurd means “victory guard” in Old Norse. It’s the name of a heroic figure in Norse mythology, Sigurd the Dragon-slayer.

38. Ivar

Ivar combines “yr,” meaning “yew,” and “arr,” meaning “warrior.” Ivar the Boneless was a well-known Viking leader.

39. Gorm

Meaning “he who worships god” in Old Norse, Gorm suggests a strong, reverent personality.

40. Knut

Knut is formed from the Old Norse “knútr,” which means “knot.” It’s a name that implies strength and ties to heritage.

41. Sten

Sten translates directly to “stone” from Old Norse, symbolizing solidity and steadfastness.

42. Sven

“Sven” is derived from the Old Norse for “boy” or “young man.” It’s historically been a favorite among Viking leaders.

43. Rune

Rune means “secret” and is tied to the runic alphabets of ancient Scandinavia, symbolizing mystery and knowledge.

44. Harald

Harald, meaning “leader of the army,” connects to several prominent Viking kings, including Harald Fairhair.

45. Torkel

Torkel comes from “Þórkell,” a combination of Thor and “ketill,” meaning “cauldron.” It’s a storied name that means “Thor’s cauldron.”

46. Folke

Folke stems from “folk,” which means “people” or “tribe.” It carries a sense of belonging and community leadership.

47. Alarik

A name of Gothic origin, combining “ala” (all) and “ric” (ruler), signifying a powerful ruler.

48. Egil

From Old Norse “Egil,” meaning “edge of a sword,” suggesting a warrior-like persona.

49. Einar

Derived from the Old Norse “Einarr,” associated with “one warrior,” highlighting strength.

50. Baldur

Derived from Norse mythology, representing the god of light and purity.

51. Dag

A short, classic name meaning “day” or “brightness.”

52. Halfdan

Of Old Norse origin, composed of “half” (cave) and “dan” (Dane), representing a Danish connection.

53. Frode

An Old Norse name, denoting wisdom and cleverness.

🇸🇪 Rare Swedish Boy Names

If you’re searching for a distinctive Swedish name for your son, the following rare names offer unique choices with historical and cultural significance.

Swedish boy names

54. Ture

Ture is a classic name that means “Thor’s warrior.” It has roots in Norse mythology, reflecting strength and valor.

55. Gösta

This name has the meaning of “staff of the Goths” or “Goth staff.” Gösta is traditionally Swedish and not commonly found outside of Scandinavia.

56. Ingmar

Ingmar combines the name of the Norse god Ing with “famous” to mean “famous god.” It carries a strong Scandinavian heritage.

57. Sölve

Sölve is a name that implies “hall” or “house.” It’s a unique Swedish name with ancient origins which isn’t often heard internationally.

58. Tyko

Tyko has an astronomical lineage, meaning “hit the mark.” It’s connected to Tycho Brahe, the renowned astronomer.

59. Valter

With Germanic roots, Valter means “ruler of the army.” It’s a royal name that has been borne by Swedish nobility.

60. Östen

Meaning “east,” Östen has a directional significance. It’s a less common name with a geographical connection.

61. Håkan

Håkan represents “high son.” It’s a regal name historically used by Swedish kings and carries a sense of nobility.

62. Orvar

Orvar translates directly to “arrow.” It’s a sharp, precise name that’s rare outside of Sweden.

63. Eskil

Eskil means “divine cauldron” and owes its origins to ancient Norse mythology. It’s an old name with mystical connotations.

64. Sixten

The name Sixten means “victory stone.” It’s a strong Swedish name combining success and solidity.

65. Torsten

Torsten is derived from Thor, the god of thunder, and “stone,” signifying “Thor’s stone.” It blends mythological strength with a firm element.

66. Vilgot

Vilgot is a name that means “will” and “desire.” It’s uncommon and offers a modern twist on traditional Swedish names.

67. Åke

Åke carries the meaning “ancestors.” It connects the past with the present in a single, short Scandinavian name.

68. Bernt

Meaning “brave as a bear,” Bernt is a powerful name with an animalistic trait that symbolizes courage and strength.

69. Alf

Derived from the Old Norse name “Álf,” meaning “elf” or “spirit,” often associated with supernatural beings in Scandinavian folklore.

70. Ansgar

A name of Old Norse origin, composed of “ans” (god) and “gar” (spear), symbolizing divine protection.

71. Boje

A Swedish name with uncertain origins, often considered a variant of “Bo” or “Bosse.”

72. Börje

A traditional Swedish name, possibly related to “björn,” meaning “bear.”

73. Elof

A Swedish name with uncertain origins, often considered a variant of “Olaf.”

74. Gudmand

A combination of “gud” (god) and “mand” (man), expressing divine qualities.

75. Roffe

“Roffe” is a casual and friendly Swedish name. It’s often used affectionately among friends and family to refer to someone named Rolf. The name “Rolf” itself means “famous wolf,” highlighting strength and recognition.

FAQ – Swedish boy names

What is a Swedish name for a boy?

A Swedish name for a boy could be something like Erik, Lars, or Axel. These are common choices that reflect traditional Swedish culture and heritage.

What is a male Viking name?

A male Viking name could be Bjørn, which means “bear,” or Leif, which has the connotation of “descendant” or “heir.”

These names are rooted in the Viking Age and Norse mythology, reflecting the culture and values of the time.

For more options, you can look at names like Ragnar or Ivar, which are also associated with legendary Viking figures.

What Swedish boy name means wolf?

A Swedish boy name that means “wolf” is Ulf, which is of Scandinavian and Swedish origin.

Another name with a similar meaning is Varg, which means “wolf” in Swedish.

These names are strong and evoke the wild and enduring spirit of the animal.

What are ancient Swedish names?

Five ancient Swedish names include:

  1. Birger – meaning “keeper, guardian.”
  2. Sten – meaning “stone.”
  3. Torsten – derived from the Old Norse elements “Thor” (the god of thunder) and “sten” (stone).
  4. Ingvar – from the Old Norse name “Yngvarr,” which is composed of the elements “Yngvi” (the name of a god) and “arr” (warrior).
  5. Gunnar – meaning “warrior,” from the Old Norse name “Gunarr.”

These names have deep roots in Scandinavian history and were borne by ancient Norsemen and early Swedes.

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