75 best Swedish girl names and meanings (2024)

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect name for your little girl, I’m here to help guide you through a list of 75 beautiful Swedish girl names, each with its own special meaning.

Choosing a name is a precious part of welcoming your baby, and I want to provide you with a warm, nurturing space to find a name that resonates with your heart.

So, take a deep breath, relax, and let’s explore these names together, finding that perfect one that feels just right for your daughter.

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🇸🇪 Popular Swedish Girl Names

Swedish girl names often carry rich historical significance and are known for their melodic sounds. Here’s a breakdown of some of the most popular ones:

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Swedish girl names

1. Emma

You might recognize Emma as a name that transcends borders. In Sweden, it’s a favorite for its simplicity and grace.

2. Alice

Dating back to the nobility, Alice is a classic in Sweden, denoting truth and nobility.

3. Maja

Maja is the Swedish spelling of Maya, often representing greatness or mother in Swedish culture.

4. Elsa

Thanks to a certain Disney movie, Elsa has gained international fame, but in Sweden, it’s long been loved for its connection to nobility.

5. Astrid

An old Norse name, Astrid means divinely beautiful in Swedish, and it’s got a strong, no-fuss vibe.

6. Linnea

Linnéa, with a diacritical mark, is tied to the delicate twinflower and the botanist Carl Linnaeus.

7. Olivia

Olivia is just as popular in Sweden as elsewhere, and it’s often associated with peace through the olive branch symbolism.

8. Julia

Julia is timeless, and in Sweden, it’s cherished for its youthful and vivacious connotations.

9. Ebba

You’ll find Ebba means strong, a name with an old Nordic twist that’s still going strong.

10. Wilma

Wilma may remind you of a certain Flintstones character, but in Sweden, it’s a name with determination.

11. Ella

Ella is simple and sweet. In Sweden, it’s a beloved name that connotes light and beauty.

12. Alma

With meanings like loving and kind in Swedish, Alma is a name that’s as warm as a hug.

13. Selma

Selma, sometimes spelled without the diacritical mark, can mean fair and protected in Swedish – quite an appealing combination.

14. Agnes

Agnes is a classic, meaning pure or holy, and it’s got a longstanding reputation in Sweden.

15. Clara

Clara means clear, bright, and famous. It’s a no-frills name that’s stood the test of time in Sweden.

16. Elin

A variation of Helen, Elin is all about the light and shining bright in Swedish culture.

17. Ida

Ida is a big deal in Swedish folklore, signifying industrious and prosperous.

18. Molly

Molly is the Swedish go-to for a name that’s sweet and endearing.

19. Sofia

Rooted in wisdom, Sofia is a name that’s respected and adored in Sweden.

20. Saga

Saga is unique – it directly translates to ‘seeing one’ and is tied to storytelling and myth.

21. Vera

Vera means faith in Swedish, and it’s a name that’s simple yet profound.

22. Ingrid

Strongly linked with Scandinavian royalty, Ingrid means beautiful or beloved.

23. Siri

Siri is more than an assistant in Sweden; it means ‘beautiful victory’.

24. Matilda

Matilda brings to mind strength in battle, a tough name with historical clout in Sweden.

25. Vilje

A name that’s all about willpower and determination, Vilje is for your strong-willed kid.

🇸🇪 Viking Swedish Girl Names

In this section, you’ll find names with historical significance originating from the Viking Age.

Swedish girl names

26. Freya

Freya, meaning ‘noble woman,’ was the name of the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility.

27. Inga

Inga is derived from the name of the Norse god Ing, often associated with fertility and peace.

28. Sigrid (Sigrid)

Sigrid combines ‘victory’ and ‘beautiful’ to convey the idea of a winning elegance.

29. Gudrun

Gudrun has roots that mean ‘god’s secret lore,’ reflecting a wisdom bestowed by the divine.

30. Thyra

Thyra signifies ‘strength’ and possibly ‘thunder,’ holding connotations of power and fortitude.

31. Ylva

Ylva translates to ‘she-wolf,’ embodying the fierce spirit of the animal in Norse culture.

32. Disa

Disa likely arises from legendary sagas and could refer to a spirit or goddess.

33. Helga

Helga means ‘holy’ or ‘blessed,’ hinting at purity and sanctity in one’s character.

34. Ragna

Ragna’s components translate to ‘counsel’ and ‘warrior,’ suggesting a strategic mind fit for battle.

35. Aslaug

Aslaug combines ‘god’ and ‘betrothed,’ often associated with divine promise or heritage.

36. Liv

Liv denotes ‘life’ or ‘protection,’ reflecting a vibrant and safeguarding nature.

37. Solveig (Solveig)

Solveig is a combination of ‘strength’ and ‘victory,’ sharing the essence of a triumphant spirit.

38. Eira

Eira means ‘mercy’ in Old Norse, resonating with compassion and gentleness.

39. Birka

Birka is derived from an old Swedish word potentially related to birch trees or trade, pointing to nature or prosperity.

40. Sif

Sif, referring to ‘bride’ or possibly ‘relation by marriage,’ is also the name of Thor’s wife renowned for her golden hair.

41. Tove

Tove is a form of Thor’s strength, intertwining divine power with fortitude.

42. Alfhild

Alfhild weaves together ‘elf’ and ‘battle,’ suggesting mythic combat or strength.

43. Ingibjörg

Ingibjörg means ‘Ing’s help’ elaborating on the protective aspect of the god Ing.

44. Torhild

Torhild, ‘Thor’s fight,’ combines the god of thunder’s name with a term for battle.

45. Sigfrid

Sigfrid is ‘victory’ and ‘peace,’ implying a triumphant tranquility after conflict.

46. Gunhild

Gunhild blends ‘war’ and ‘battle,’ signifying a warrior or one experienced in conflict.

47. Gertrud

Gertrud stands for ‘spear’ and ‘strength,’ highlighting a warrior’s robustness.

48. Estrid

Estrid means ‘god’ and ‘beautiful,’ often linking divine favor with attractiveness.

49. Hildur

Hildur signifies ‘battle’ and is synonymous with a warrior’s spirit.

50. Freydis

Freydis combines the name of the god Frey with ‘goddess,’ emphasizing a divine connection.

🇸🇪 Rare Swedish Girl Names

In this section, you’ll find some uncommon and distinctive Swedish girl names, each with its unique flair and meaning.

Swedish girl names

51. Tuva

Tuva is a nature-inspired name meaning “tuft of grass.” It’s a Nordic choice that’s both simple and strong.

52. Tindra

Tindra, meaning “to twinkle or sparkle,” is as luminous as its definition suggests—perfect for your little star.

53. Ronja

Ronja is a name that comes with a sense of adventure, meaning “God’s joyful song.” It’s unique and spirited.

54. Lova

Lova promises sweet simplicity, meaning “promise.” It’s a soft and charming name for a girl.

55. Minna

Minna carries with it the essence of strength and determination, as it means “to protect.”

56. Juni

Juni is the Swedish spelling for June. It brings to mind the freshness and joy of early summer.

57. Lovis

Lovis is a derivation of “Louise,” which stands for “renowned warrior.” It’s got a vintage touch with a modern appeal.

58. Elvira

Elvira suggests “the fair one,” possessing a timeless beauty and an air of mystery.

59. Mirelle

Mirelle, with its melody-like sound, means “to admire,” adding a touch of elegance and grace.

60. Novalie

Novalie means “new” or “novel.” It’s an upbeat name for a fresh start in life.

61. Tilda

Tilda is a name that’s short for Matilda, meaning “mighty in battle.” It’s cute and packs a punch.

62. Svea

Svea, a patriotic name that means “Sweden,” carries the spirit of the country with pride.

63. Majken

Majken means “pearl,” a precious and unique name that stands out for its beauty.

64. Hedvig

Hedvig is rooted in history, meaning “battle war,” and indicates strength and dignity.

65. Malva

Malva refers to the mallow plant. It’s a botanical name that’s quaint and lovely.

66. Hillevi

Hillevi, meaning “safe in battle,” sounds both gentle and resilient.

67. Maja

Maja, pronounced “Maya,” could mean “great” or “mother,” depending on its etymology. It’s well-known yet rare.

68. Blenda

Blenda, meaning “dazzling,” has an unmistakable allure, befitting a radiant personality.

69. Filippa

Filippa is the feminine form of Philip, meaning “lover of horses.” It’s classy and slightly regal.

70. Celine

Celine, meaning “heavenly,” is smooth, with a cosmic touch that’s subtly enchanting.

71. Vilda

Vilda stands for “the wild one.” It’s a name with a natural edge and a sense of freedom.

72. Sunniva

The name Sunniva has Old English origins, derived from the elements “sunne,” meaning “sun,” and “gifu,” meaning “gift,” indicating “sun gift.” It was borne by Saint Sunniva, a medieval patron saint of Norway.

73. Tuulikki

Tuulikki is of Finnish origin, meaning “little wind,” derived from “tuuli” which means “wind” and the diminutive suffix “-kki.” It is also associated with a forest spirit in Finnish mythology.

74. Linde

The name Linde has Germanic roots, stemming from the Old German element “lind” which means “soft, tender” or “serpent, dragon” and could also refer to a lime or linden tree.

75. Kerstin

Kerstin is the Swedish form of Christina, which is of Greek origin, from “Christianos” meaning “follower of Christ” or “anointed,” reflecting religious significance.

FAQ – Swedish girl names

What is a common Swedish female name?

A common Swedish female name is Anna.

What Swedish girl name means beautiful?

The Swedish girl name Tuva means “beautiful.”

What is a pretty rare girl’s name?

A pretty rare girl’s name is Alora, which you might not come across very often.

What Swedish name means meadow?’

The Swedish name Annali means “graceful meadow.”

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