57 beautiful Norwegian girl names with meanings (2024)

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect Norwegian name for your little girl, you’ve come to the right place. 

I know how important it is to choose a name that not only sounds beautiful but also has a strong meaning that your daughter can carry with pride. 

So, I’ve gathered a list of the best Norwegian girl names, each with its own unique meaning. Whether you’re drawn to something popular, dreaming of a name with deep Viking roots, or hoping to discover a rare treasure, I’m here to help you find that perfect fit.

Let’s dive in and find that special Scandinavian name that feels just right for your little one.

About Norwegian girl names

Norwegian girl names have a certain melodic quality that’s hard to miss. They roll off the tongue with a rhythm that’s both gentle and strong.

When it comes to pronunciation, they often emphasize clear, crisp sounds that can be surprisingly straightforward once you get the hang of them.

What’s truly special about these names is the blend of tradition and natural beauty they carry—many are inspired by the landscapes of Norway or have roots in Norse mythology.

🇳🇴 Popular Norwegian Girl Names

In Norway, certain names have stood the test of time and remain favorites for baby girls. You’ll find these names carry rich meanings and have roots in various origins, reflecting Norway’s heritage.

Norwegian girl names

1. Nora

Nora, derived from “Eleanora,” means ‘light’ in Latin and symbolizes brightness and vitality. It’s a top pick for baby girls in Norway.

  • Pronunciation: NOH-rah

2. Emma

The name Emma means “universal” or “whole” and it has been a perennial favorite across the globe.

  • Pronunciation: EM-mah

3. Olivia

Olivia might bring to mind olive trees, and you’re spot on – it comes from the Latin word “oliva,” symbolizing peace.

  • Pronunciation: Oh-LIV-ee-ah

4. Ella

Ella, a short and sweet name, derives from Germanic roots meaning “all” or “other.”

  • Pronunciation: EL-lah

5. Sofie

Sofie is the Norwegian form of Sophia, meaning “wisdom” – a name that’s both classic and chic.

  • Pronunciation: SO-fee

6. Amalie

Amalie, echoing a royal vibe, is the Norwegian variant of Amelia and means “work.”

  • Pronunciation: Ah-MAH-lee

7. Mia

Mia is a name that packs grace in just three letters; it’s believed to mean “mine” or “bitter.”

  • Pronunciation: MEE-ah

8. Sara

Sara is a timeless name that spans cultures, known to mean “princess” or “noblewoman.”

  • Pronunciation: SAH-rah

9. Anna

Simple and elegant, Anna means “grace” and is a name that never really goes out of style.

  • Pronunciation: AH-nah

10. Leah

Leah has a touch of the ancient to it, with its meaning often interpreted as “weary” in Hebrew.

  • Pronunciation: LEE-ah

11. Thea

Thea is a name of Greek origin, hinting at a goddess, and it means “goddess” or “godly.”

  • Pronunciation: THEE-ah

12. Emilie

Emilie, the Norwegian spin on a classic, means “rival” or “eager,” and carries a certain sophistication.

  • Pronunciation: Eh-MEE-lee

13. Selma

With potential links to Old High German, Selma means “godly helmet” and exudes strength.

  • Pronunciation: SEL-mah

14. Maja

Maja is a form of Maia and goes back to Roman mythology; it means “great” or “mother.”

  • Pronunciation: MY-ah

🇳🇴 Viking Norwegian Girl Names

Norwegian girl names with Viking heritage are steeped in Norse mythology and the sagas of old Scandinavia. These names often embody strength, protection, and grace.

Norwegian girl names

15. Sigrid

Sigrid, stemming from Old Norse, implies a winning beauty or victorious horsewoman that blends allure with resilience.

  • Pronunciation: SIG-rid

16. Helga

Helga, derived from Old Norse, means “holy” or “blessed,” signifying a person with a divine aura.

  • Pronunciation: HEL-ga

17. Brynhild

Brynhild is a seasoned warrior’s name from Norse mythology, where it combines “brynja” (armor) and “hildr” (battle).

  • Pronunciation: BRIN-hild

18. Gudrun

Gudrun comes from “guð” (god) and “rún” (secret), and it’s the name of a legendary figure who encountered great love and tragic loss.

  • Pronunciation: GUD-run

19. Ragnhild

Ragnhild fuses “ragna” (advice) with “hildr” (battle), painting the image of a noble strategist in combat.

  • Pronunciation: RAG-n-hild

20. Solveig

Solveig carries the essence of strength and house, with its roots in “salr” (house) and “veig” (strength), typical of someone who is a strong foundation for their home.

  • Pronunciation: SOL-vay

21. Torhild

Torhild pulls from the thunder god Thor’s name and “hildr”, meaning “Thor’s battle”, a name fit for a Valkyrie.

  • Pronunciation: TOR-hild

22. Ylva

Ylva literally translates to “she-wolf” from Old Norse, hinting at a ferocious and independent spirit.

  • Pronunciation: IL-va

23. Aslaug

Aslaug connects to Old Norse elements “ás” (god) and “laug” (betrothed woman), suggesting divine ties or protection.

  • Pronunciation: AS-loug

24. Gunnhild

Gunnhild merges “gunnr” (war) and “hildr” (battle), a name that resonates with the idea of a warrior.

  • Pronunciation: GUN-hild

25. Liv

Liv, meaning “life” or “protection” in Old Norse, evokes the nurturing aspect of a guardian.

  • Pronunciation: LEEV

26. Randi

Randi, meaning “shield” or “rim” in Old Norse, captures the essence of a defender and protector.

  • Pronunciation: RAN-dee

27. Sif

Sif, sporting golden locks in Norse mythology, represents fertility and family through her connubial ties to Thor.

  • Pronunciation: SIFF

28. Thora

Thora is the feminine form of Thor, embodying the thunder god’s strength and might.

  • Pronunciation: THOR-ah

29. Unn

Unn implies “to love” from Old Norse, reflecting a deep affection or wave, like a tide of emotion.

  • Pronunciation: UNN

30. Alfhild

Alfhild combines “alf” (elf) and “hildr” (battle), suggesting a mythic battle maiden with an elven grace.

  • Pronunciation: ALF-hild

31. Bergljot

Bergljot draws from “björg” (protection) and “ljót” (light), illustrating a beacon or protective light.

  • Pronunciation: BERG-lyot

32. Gro

Gro means “to grow” in Old Norse, symbolizing one who is prospering or nurturing growth.

  • Pronunciation: GRO

33. Hertha

Hertha signifies “strong, powerful, or of the earth,” from Old Norse origins, hinting at a robust constitution or earthly ties.

  • Pronunciation: HER-tha

34. Svana

Svana is akin to “swan” and is associated with grace and beauty, akin to the tranquil bird in Norse storytelling.

  • Pronunciation: SVAN-a

🇳🇴 Rare Norwegian Girl Names

When exploring Norwegian girl names, you’ll find some that are unique and less commonly heard outside of Norway. These names often carry rich historical significance and unique meanings.

Norwegian girl names

35. Alva

Alva is a name of Old Norse origin meaning “elf.”

  • Pronunciation: AHL-vah

36. Andrine

Andrine is a Norwegian variant of the Greek name Andrea, meaning “strong and manly.”

  • Pronunciation: AN-dree-neh

37. Beate

Beate is derived from the Latin name Beatus, meaning “blessed” or “happy.”

  • Pronunciation: BE-ah-teh

38. Dagmar

Dagmar comes from the Old Norse elements “dagr” meaning “day” and “mær” meaning “maid.”

  • Pronunciation: DAG-mar

39. Eline

Eline is a Norwegian form of Helen, meaning “the bright one” or “torch.”

  • Pronunciation: E-lee-neh

40. Fride

Fride is rooted in Old Norse and stands for “beautiful” or “beloved.”

  • Pronunciation: FREE-deh

41. Ine

Ine is a feminine form of Inge, related to the Norse god Ing.

  • Pronunciation: EE-neh

42. Jorunn

Jorunn combines Old Norse elements “jór” (horse) and “unna” (to love).

  • Pronunciation: YO-roon

43. Kaja

Kaja is a variation of the name Kaya, which has multiple origins and meanings including “pure” in Scandinavian.

  • Pronunciation: KAH-yah

44. Tale

Tale is pronounced like “Tala” and is often connected to “tale” meaning “speech” in Norwegian.

  • Pronunciation: TAH-leh

45. Unni

Unni is an Old Norse name meaning “to love.”

  • Pronunciation: OON-nee

46. Vilde

Vilde is derived from the Old Norse name Wilda, meaning “battle” or “fight.”

  • Pronunciation: VIL-deh

47. Wenche

Wenche is a name that means “friend” in Old Norse.

  • Pronunciation: VEN-keh

48. Yngvild

Yngvild fuses Old Norse elements for “warrior” and “battle.”

  • Pronunciation: ING-vild

49. Åsa

Åsa is an Old Norse name meaning “goddess.”

  • Pronunciation: AW-sah

50. Elida

Elida, meaning “winged,” has roots in the Norse element “hildr,” which means “battle.”

  • Pronunciation: EH-lee-dah

51. Fenja

Fenja is drawn from myth where she was a giantess; it’s come to mean “peace.”

  • Pronunciation: FEN-yah

52. Hege

Hege is a derivative of the Old Norse name Helga, meaning “holy” or “blessed.”

  • Pronunciation: HEH-geh

53. Ingri

Ingri is a variation of Ingrid, stemming from the god name Ing and “fríðr” meaning “beautiful.”

  • Pronunciation: ING-ree

54. Jannicke

Jannicke is a Norwegian diminutive of Johanne, meaning “God is gracious.”

  • Pronunciation: YAN-nick-eh

55. Kjersti

Kjersti is an affectionate form of Kirsten, the Scandinavian version of Christina, meaning “a Christian.”

  • Pronunciation: SHER-stee

56. Lotta

Lotta is a pet form of Charlotte, meaning “free woman” or “petite.”

  • Pronunciation: LOT-tah

57. Norunn

Norunn combines the Norse elements of “secret” and “love.”

  • Pronunciation: NO-roon

FAQ – Norwegian girl names

What is the popular female name in Norway?

The popular female name in Norway is Nora. It’s been topping the charts and is a favorite among new parents.

What is a Nordic female name?

A Nordic female name originates from the Nordic countries, which include Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland.

Examples include Freya, Astrid, and Ingrid, all of which reflect the region’s rich cultural heritage and history.

What Norwegian girl name means star?

The Norwegian girl’s name that means “star” is Asta.

It’s a name with both Scandinavian and Greek origins, and in addition to “star,” it can also mean “love” or “divine strength.”

What Norwegian girl name means fire?

The Norwegian girl’s name Eldrid means “beautiful fire.”

It’s a name with Norwegian origins that embodies both the beauty and elemental power of fire.

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