85 magical Finnish girl names with meanings (2024)

Are you looking for a unique and meaningful name for your little girl?

In this blog post, I’ll share with you the best Finnish girl names that are not only distinctive but also have beautiful meanings connected to nature and the world around us.

I’ll guide you through their meanings and give you a hand with the pronunciations, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your daughter.

Let’s take a look.

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About Finnish girl names

Finnish girls names have a charm that feels close to nature and the stories of old Finland.

They’re easy to say, with a rhythm that rolls off the tongue, like the gentle flow of Finnish lakes.

Unlike the Viking vibes of Swedish or Norwegian names, Finnish names like “Satu” (fairy tale) or “Kukka” (flower) give a nod to the simple beauty of the Finnish landscape and culture.

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🇫🇮 Popular Finnish girl names

First, let’s take a look at the most popular Finnish names for girls.

Finnish girl names

1. Maria

Maria is a timeless name with Latin roots meaning “star of the sea.” It has stayed atop the popularity charts in Finland for years.

  • Pronunciation: MAH-ree-ah

2. Emilia

Emilia, connected to the Roman family name Aemilius, implies industriousness and striving.

  • Pronunciation: eh-MEE-lee-ah

3. Sofia

Sofia is the Finnish variation of Sophia, meaning “wisdom,” a name that carries a classical grace.

  • Pronunciation: SOH-fee-ah

4. Aino

Aino comes from Finnish folklore, meaning “the only one,” and it’s as unique as it sounds.

  • Pronunciation: AI-no

5. Ainikki

Ainikki is derived from Finnish mythology, signifying a figure associated with forests and meadows.

  • Pronunciation: Eye-nee-kee

6. Eevi

Eevi is the Finnish form of Eve, signifying “life” or “living one,” and is quite favored in Finland.

  • Pronunciation: EH-vee

7. Venla

Venla, a name rooted in Finnish tradition, is thought to have connections to the word for “peace.”

  • Pronunciation: VEN-lah

8. Ella

Ella’s a name that’s not just popular in Finland; it’s beloved worldwide for its simplicity, meaning “light” or “beautiful fairy.”

  • Pronunciation: EL-lah

9. Aada

Aada draws from an ancient Germanic word, meaning “noble,” and it’s got a strong, concise sound.

  • Pronunciation: AAH-dah

10. Saara

Saara is the Finnish form of Sarah, denoting “princess” or “lady,” an evergreen choice.

  • Pronunciation: SAH-rah

11. Siiri

Siiri might remind you of the English name Siri, and in Finland, it carries the meaning of “beautiful victory.”

  • Pronunciation: SEER-ee

12. Lotta

Lotta is a diminutive form of Charlotte, and it has an air of strength and diminutive energy about it.

  • Pronunciation: LOT-tah

13. Matilda

Matilda is a name with strength at its core, literally meaning “battle-mighty” or “powerful in battle.”

  • Pronunciation: mah-TIL-dah

14. Emma

Emma is a universally adored name in Finland and elsewhere, with a meaning that encompasses “whole” or “universal.”

  • Pronunciation: EM-mah

15. Olivia

Olivia could be derived from Latin for “olive tree,” symbolizing peace or victory.

  • Pronunciation: o-LEE-vee-ah

16. Iida

Iida is the Finnish variant of Ida, meaning “industrious one.”

  • Pronunciation: EE-dah

17. Vilma

Vilma is a name that could be a shortened version of Wilhelmina, which means “resolute protection.”

  • Pronunciation: VIL-mah

18. Kerttu

Kerttu is the Finnish form of Gertrude, signifying “a strong spear,” a nod to warrior-like strength.

  • Pronunciation: KER-ttu

19. Anni

Anni is a Finnish diminutive of Anna, meaning “grace.”

  • Pronunciation: AN-nee

20. Iina

Iina is a unique Finnish name likely connected to the name Anna, which carries the tender meaning of “grace.”

  • Pronunciation: EE-nah

🇫🇮 Finnish girl names with unique meanings

21. Satu

Satu is a whimsical Finnish name meaning “fairy tale,” evoking images of folklore and enchanting stories passed down through generations.

Pronunciation: SAH-too

22. Kukka

Kukka is a nature-inspired Finnish name that translates to “flower,” reflecting the country’s appreciation for the simple beauty of flora.

Pronunciation: KOOK-kah

23. Sini

Sini is a serene Finnish name meaning “blue,” reminiscent of Finland’s vast, clear skies and numerous lakes.

Pronunciation: SEE-nee

24. Metsä

Metsä is a Finnish name that brings to mind the dense, green forests covering much of Finland, as it means “forest.”

Pronunciation: MET-sah

25. Lumi

Lumi is a luminous Finnish name meaning “snow,” a nod to the country’s picturesque, snowy winters.

Pronunciation: LOO-mee

26. Kielo

Kielo is the Finnish name for “lily of the valley,” a flower known for its delicate appearance and sweet fragrance.

Pronunciation: KYEH-lo

27. Orvokki

Orvokki is a Finnish name meaning “pansy,” the vibrant flower associated with thoughtful reflections and memories.

Pronunciation: OR-vok-kee

28. Pihla

Pihla is a Finnish name derived from the rowan tree, known for its bright red berries and protective myths in Finnish folklore.

Pronunciation: PEE-hlah

29. Tuuli

Tuuli is a breezy Finnish name that means “wind,” capturing the essence of the brisk and clean Finnish air.

Pronunciation: TOO-lee

30. Aarni

Aarni is a Finnish name with a mystical edge, meaning “treasure” or “forest,” hinting at hidden riches and the mystique of woodland realms.

Pronunciation: AHR-nee

31. Taika

Taika is a magical Finnish name meaning “magic,” conjuring images of the enchanting northern lights and the country’s mythical tales.

Pronunciation: TAI-kah

32. Vellamo

Vellamo is a Finnish name that comes from mythology, belonging to the goddess of the sea, reflecting the nation’s deep connection with water.

Pronunciation: VEH-lah-mo

33. Meri

Meri is a Finnish name that means “sea,” symbolizing the vast and beautiful Baltic coastline that shapes Finland’s geography.

Pronunciation: MEH-ree

34. Suvi

Suvi is a bright and cheerful Finnish name that means “summer,” representing the season of endless daylight and nature in full bloom.

Pronunciation: SOO-vee

35. Lilja

Lilja is the Finnish word for “lily,” a name that brings to mind purity and the elegant beauty of this beloved flower.

Pronunciation: LIL-yah

36. Taimi

Taimi is a Finnish name meaning “sapling,” suggestive of new growth and the potential for life’s natural renewal.

Pronunciation: TAI-mee

37. Helmi

Helmi is a Finnish name that translates to “pearl,” a term of endearment reflecting something precious and valued.

Pronunciation: HEL-mee

38. Viola

Viola is a Finnish name that means “violet,” a flower that symbolizes modesty and faithfulness in the Finnish tradition.

Pronunciation: VEE-oh-lah

39. Lehto

Lehto is a Finnish name meaning “grove,” indicative of a peaceful and tranquil woodland clearing.

Pronunciation: LEH-toh

40. Sinikka

Sinikka is a variation of the Finnish name Sini, and it also implies the color “blue,” embodying the calmness and depth of Finnish landscapes.

Pronunciation: SEE-nik-kah

🇫🇮 Sami girl names

Sami names often reflect the nature and culture of the Sami people who inhabit northern parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. You’ll find that these names carry meanings tied to the Sami way of life and the rugged landscapes they live in.

Finnish girl names

41. Áilu

Áilu is a Sami name that encapsulates the essence of a unique and exotic cultural identity.

  • Pronunciation: AHY-loo

42. Elle

Elle is traditionally a name that symbolizes the otherworldly beauty found in the Sami regions and carries a certain elegance.

  • Pronunciation: EL-le

43. Ingá

In Sami culture, Ingá is a name that may relate to the concept of a guarded, protected area, similar to the Finnish ‘Inga’.

  • Pronunciation: EENG-ah

44. Iŋgá

Iŋgá, a variant of Ingá, maintains the same cultural significance and can be an exotic choice when you’re exploring Finnish Names.

  • Pronunciation: EENG-kah

45. Issát

With Issát, you’re choosing a name that carries an air of strength and resilience, something vital in the cold climates of Sweden and beyond.

  • Pronunciation: EES-saht

46. Juovlla

Juovlla is one of those unique Sami names that resonate with the Sami’s deep connection to their traditions.

  • Pronunciation: YOH-vllah

47. Liiná

The name Liiná offers a gentle nod to nature, much like many Finnish names that often embody natural elements.

  • Pronunciation: LEE-nah

48. Lemet

Picking Lemet, you’re embracing a name that’s intertwined with the Sami’s storied past and rich culture.

  • Pronunciation: LE-met

49. Máret

Máret is an enchanting name that might remind you of the broad and wild northern landscapes.

  • Pronunciation: MAH-ret

50. Nilla

The name Nilla speaks to a heritage that’s as vast and unique as the Nordic region itself.

  • Pronunciation: NEEL-lah

51. Risten

Risten could be your choice if you’re looking for something that stands apart but feels familiar, a common trait among exotic names.

  • Pronunciation: REES-ten

52. Sárá

Sárá is a name with a melody that resonates with the quiet but enduring beauty of the Sami homelands.

  • Pronunciation: SAH-rah

53. Solbárg

In choosing Solbárg, you’re selecting a name that’s original and brings to mind the clear, bright skies of the Arctic.

  • Pronunciation: SOL-barg

54. Ulda

Ulda is both exotic and profound; it’s a name that carries with it the whisper of northern winds.

  • Pronunciation: OOL-dah

55. Vuokko

Vuokko stands out as a floral name that’s deeply ingrained in the culture and could beautifully represent your unique heritage.

  • Pronunciation: VOO-kko

🇫🇮 Rare Finnish girl names

Finnish names often reflect the country’s nature and deep cultural roots.

If you’re searching for a unique Finnish girl name, this list explores several rare options, each with its significance and charm.

Finnish girl names

56. Aamu

Aamu means “morning” in Finnish, symbolizing a fresh start. It’s a modern choice that’s gained popularity in the 21st century.

  • Pronunciation: Ah-moo

57. Anneli

Anneli is derived from Anna, meaning “grace.” It’s a classic with a Finnish twist.

  • Pronunciation: Ahn-neh-lee

58. Eerika

Eerika is the Finnish feminine form of Eric, meaning “ever ruler” or “eternal ruler.”

  • Pronunciation: Eh-ree-kah

59. Hannele

Hannele is a diminutive of Johanna, which implies “God is gracious.”

  • Pronunciation: Hahn-neh-leh

60. Ilta

Ilta translates to “evening” in Finnish, capturing the peace of dusk.

  • Pronunciation: Eel-tah

61. Kaino

Kaino stands for “modest” or “demure” in Finnish, a name that’s as unique as it is noble.

  • Pronunciation: Kye-noh

62. Lahja

Lahja means “gift,” symbolizing the joy and blessing a child brings into the world.

  • Pronunciation: Lah-yah

63. Saima

Named after Finland’s largest lake, Saima evokes the beauty and tranquility of Finnish nature.

  • Pronunciation: Sy-mah

64. Nuutti

Though traditionally a male name related to Knut, its unique sound makes it an interesting choice, symbolizing “knot” or “tie.”

  • Pronunciation: Noo-ttee

65. Varpu

Varpu means “twig” or “small branch,” symbolic of growth and new beginnings.

  • Pronunciation: Var-poo

66. Raakel

Raakel is the Finnish version of Rachel, meaning “ewe” or “one with purity.”

  • Pronunciation: Rah-kel

67. Sade

Sade, pronounced like the English word “sawed,” means “rain” — a name that’s both poetic and grounded.

  • Pronunciation: Sah-deh

68. Sanelma

Sanelma means “the one who defines” or “settler” in Finnish, suggesting determination and clarity.

  • Pronunciation: Sah-nel-mah

69. Taimi

Taimi signifies “sapling” or “young tree” in Finnish, carrying connotations of growth and new life.

  • Pronunciation: Tie-me

70. Hilja

Hilja signifies “silence” or “tranquility,” reflecting the peaceful aspects of Finnish nature.

  • Pronunciation: Hill-yah

71. Unelma

Unelma means “dream” in Finnish, perfect for a child born of your dreams.

  • Pronunciation: Oo-nel-mah

72. Vellamo

Vellamo is the name of a sea goddess in Finnish mythology, representing the mystery and power of the sea.

  • Pronunciation: Vel-lah-mo

73. Vilhelmiina

Vilhelmiina is the Finnish feminine form of William, meaning “resolute protection.”

  • Pronunciation: Vil-hel-mee-nah

74. Virva

Virva means “will-o’-the-wisp” in Finnish, hinting at something elusive and flickering.

  • Pronunciation: Veer-vah

75. Ylva

Ylva is a name of Swedish origin, popular in Finland too, meaning “female wolf.”

  • Pronunciation: Ull-vah

76. Aava

Aava translates to “open” or “wide” like the open sea, embodying freedom and space.

  • Pronunciation: Ah-vah

77. Esteri

Esteri is the Finnish version of Esther, possibly meaning “star” or “myrtle leaf.”

  • Pronunciation: Es-teh-ree

78. Hilla

Hilla stands for “cloudberry” in Finnish. It’s a sweet name, as berries are cherished in Finnish culture.

  • Pronunciation: Hill-ah

79. Veera

While more common, Veera is still relatively unique internationally and means “brave,” reflecting strength and courage.

  • Pronunciation: Vee-rah

80. Minttu

Minttu, which refers to “mint,” is a name that’s fresh and modern just like the herb it represents.

  • Pronunciation: Mint-too

81. Päivi

Päivi means “day” in Finnish, suiting a child who brings light into your life.

  • Pronunciation: Pie-vi

82. Rauha

Rauha means “peace” in Finnish, a tranquil and serene choice.

  • Pronunciation: Row-hah

83. Sisko

Sisko translates to “sister” in Finnish, ideal for your family’s newest addition.

  • Pronunciation: Sis-ko

84. Sirja

A rare name that could be interpreted as a variation of Sirius, bringing to mind brightness and starry skies.

  • Pronunciation: Seer-yah

85. Tuuli

Tuuli stands for “wind” in Finnish, a name that’s as free-spirited as it is lively.

  • Pronunciation: Too-lee

FAQ – Finnish names for girl

What is the typical Finnish girls name?

A typical Finnish girl’s name is often nature-inspired and has a melodic quality. Names like Aino, Emma, and Sofia are common in Finland.

What is the rarest girl’s name in Finnish?

The rarity of Finnish girl names can vary over time and by region, but names like “Aamu” (meaning “morning”) and “Meri” (meaning “sea”) are considered less common.

What is the Finnish version of Katherine?

The Finnish version of Katherine is “Kaarina”. Other Finnish variants include “Katariina”, “Katri”, “Kaija”, “Kaisa”, and “Katja”.

Which girl’s name means happy in Finnish?

The Finnish girl’s name “Onni” means “happiness” or “luck”.

While traditionally a male name, it can also be used for girls in modern naming practices.

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