70 best Norwegian boy names and meanings (2024)

Choosing the perfect Scandinavian name for your little guy can feel like a huge task, but don’t worry—I’m here to help!

I’ve put together a list of 70 great Norwegian boy names, each with a meaning to help you find that special name that feels just right. 

I know you want something that speaks to your heart, so let’s find a name that’s as special as your little one will be.

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About Norwegian boy names

Norwegian names have a distinctive Nordic ring, often characterized by soft consonants and rolling vowels that can sound quite melodic.

Pronunciation can be a bit of a learning curve if you’re not familiar with the language, with certain letters like ‘å’, ‘ø’, and ‘æ’ producing sounds not commonly found in English.

What’s special about these names is their connection to Norway’s rich cultural heritage, often inspired by the country’s stunning landscapes, mythology, and history.

They carry with them a sense of strength and tradition, and for many, they’re a nod to familial roots or an appreciation for the beauty of the Norwegian way of life.

🇳🇴 Popular Norwegian Boy Names

When picking a name for your boy, Norwegian names offer rich histories and meaningful origins. Here’s a straightforward list of popular Norwegian boy names that are both traditional and modern, along with their meanings.

Popular Norwegian Boy Names

1. Jakob

Jakob, a variant of Jacob, implies “supplanter” and is rooted in biblical tradition.

2. Noah

Noah means “rest” and “repose”, and while it has Hebrew origins, it’s also embraced in Norway.

3. Emil

Emil is thought to come from the Latin ‘Aemilius’, meaning “rival” or “trying to equal or excel”.

4. Lucas

Lucas, a form of Luke, is of Latin origin, meaning “the one from Lucania”.

5. Oliver

Oliver might have roots in the Norse ‘Óleifr’, meaning “ancestral relic”, or the Latin ‘olivarius’, meaning “olive tree”.

6. Isak

Your boy named Isak, Scandinavian for Isaac, carries the meaning of “he will laugh” or “he will rejoice”.

7. Aksel

A name with biblical lineage, Aksel, means “father of peace”, originally Axel, aligning with Norway’s serene landscapes.

8. Einar

Einar is a traditional name meaning “one who fights alone” – a true nod to Norse valiance.

9. Gustav

Gustav comes with the hefty meaning of “staff of the Goths”, a symbol of support and strength.

10. Harald

Harald, king of the name’s meaning “leader of the army”, is regal and commanding.

11. Henrik

Henry in Norwegian form, Henrik means “ruler of the home” for a boy destined to lead.

12. Kasper

Kasper, the Scandinavian twist on Jasper, means “treasurer” – maybe he’ll be good with money.

13. Ludvig

Ludvig, your little warrior, implies “famous warrior” in old Germanic languages.

14. Magnus

Choose Magnus for a name that represents greatness and the legendary King Magnus of Norway and Sweden.

15. Sander

Sander, a shorter version of Alexander, means “defender of men”. It’s solid and to the point.

16. Ulrik

Ulrik means “heritage” and “power”. It’s a name with a commanding presence, ideal for a leader.

17. Oskar

With Oskar, you’re looking at the “spear of the gods”, a name of might and divinity.

18. Mathias

Mathias suggests a “gift of God”, a name to cherish for your little blessing.

19. Jonas

Jonas, the Norwegian form of Jonah, means “dove”, symbolizing peace and spirituality.

20. Filip

Filip is derived from Philip, meaning “lover of horses”. It’s for the child with a free spirit.

21. Alexander

The name Alexander comes heavy with meaning, “defender of men”, and is fit for a born protector.

22. William

William might remind you of royalty, and aptly so, as it means “resolute protector”.

23. Benjamin

Your youngest might suit Benjamin, which means “son of the right hand”.

24. Elias

Elias, a variant of Elijah, suggests “Yahweh is my God”, laden with spiritual significance.

25. Mikkel

Mikkel, the Norwegian twist on Michael, means “who is like God” – a profound and honorable choice.

🇳🇴 Viking Norwegian Boy Names

These names have deep roots in the Viking Age, each one echoing the sagas of Norse warriors and gods. They carry stories of strength and tradition, dating back to a time when the Norsemen roamed the seas.

Norwegian boy names

26. Leif

Leif comes from the Old Norse name Leifr, meaning “heir” or “descendant.” You might know it best from the famous Norse explorer Leif Erikson, who’s credited with being the first European to reach North America.

27. Bjorn

Bjorn means “bear” in Old Norse—think strong and fierce like the animal. It’s a name that exemplifies might and is as sturdy as names come.

28. Erik

Erik has roots in Old Norse as Eiríkr where ei stands for “ever” or “always” and ríkr refers to “ruler” or “king.” A name that denotes a powerful and eternal ruler, fit for a battle-hardened warrior.

29. Ragnar

If you’re after a name that screams legendary, Ragnar ticks the box. It’s derived from the Old Norse elements regin, which means “advice” or “decision,” and arr, which can mean “warrior.”

30. Ivar

Ivar blends yr, Old Norse for “yew,” and arr, the Norse word for “warrior.” Together the name can be seen as “bow warrior,” a nod to the fearsome Viking marksmen.

31. Gunnar

The name Gunnar is all about battle—it combines gunnr (war) and arr. If your lineage has a warrior spirit, Gunnar might be the fit.

32. Håkon

Håkon slices together Old Norse words hár, meaning “high,” with konr, translating as “descendant.” A name that’s made for someone meant to rise above the rest.

33. Torstein

Torstein is a sturdy name from Thor, the Norse god of thunder, and steinn, meaning “stone.” It paints the picture of someone with an unshakeable, godly strength.

34. Sigurd

If you’re looking for a name that hints at victory, Sigurd is it. The Old Norse sigr means “victory,” and vard means “guardian.”

35. Knut

Knut combines knutr, which means “knot,” implying someone tightly knit in strength and character—complex and resilient.

36. Olaf

Olaf is a Norse heavyweight, combining anu, “ancestor,” and leifr, “descendant.” It breathes legacy and heritage.

37. Rolf

The name Rolf straddles Old Norse and Old German, evolving from Hrólfr, with hroð, “fame,” and wulf, “wolf.” It’s meant for someone as formidable as a wolf with a notable reputation.

38. Sven

Sven is a simpler one: it stems from sveinn, the Old Norse word for “boy” or “young man.” It’s used widely across Scandinavia and speaks to youthful vitality.

39. Thorbjorn

Linking directly to Thor, Þórbjǫrn fuses the god’s name with bjǫrn, the word for bear. Picture the strength of a bear with the might of a thunder god.

40. Asbjorn

Asbjorn breaks down to the god As (a term related to the Aesir of Norse mythology) and bjorn, meaning bear. Another name that evokes strong connections to myth and might.

41. Frode

Frode resonates with wisdom and experience. Derived from froðr, meaning “learned” or “wise,” this name isn’t all brawn—it’s got brains too.

42. Kjetil

Kjetil traces back to Old Norse ketill, which means “cauldron” but is also thought to represent a helmet used in battle—function, and protection rolled into one.

43. Lars

Lars is the Scandinavian version of Laurence, coming from the Roman surname Laurentius, meaning “from Laurentum.” It’s less Viking and more cosmopolitan but with strong Nordic roots.

44. Njal

Njal swirls together elements of big Norse mythology, but its exact origins are cloudy. It might weave connections to njóla, meaning “giant,” invoking an image of grand stature and importance.

45. Roar

Roar is as bold as it sounds, hailing from Hróarr, a combination of hróðr, “fame,” and geirr, “spear.” It sets the stage for a famous fighter.

46. Snorre

Snorre comes across as a bit eccentric. It stems from Snorri, which might have ties to the Old Norse snerra, a sudden twist or jerk. It’s also the name of a famous Icelandic historian and poet.

47. Tormod

Lastly, Tormod stitches together Þórr (Thor) and móðr (courage). It balances divine connection with the heart of a lion.

🇳🇴 Rare Norwegian Boy Names

If you’re looking for a unique and distinctive name for your son, these rare Norwegian boy names could be perfect. They have deep roots in Norway’s culture and history.

Norwegian baby boy names

48. Kleng

Kleng might not be the name you hear every day. It’s a unique Norwegian name that has an old Norse ring to it.

49. Alvar

Derived from Old Norse, Alvar means “elf warrior.” Select this name to give your son a blend of mystique and strength.

50. Bjarne

Bjarne is an old Viking name meaning “bear.” If you’re looking for a name that embodies strength, this one’s a solid pick.

51. Dag

Simplicity stands out with Dag, meaning “day” in Norwegian and Danish. It’s a powerful, one-syllable name that’s both rare and clear-cut.

52. Eilif

Choose Eilif if you want a name that signifies eternity. It’s a remarkable name that’s not common outside Scandinavia.

53. Fritjof

Meaning “thief of peace,” the name Fritjof comes straight from Norse sagas and carries a strong, historic backdrop.

54. Geir

Geir is a concise name that means “spear” in Old Norse. Pick this name if you’re aiming for something that exudes a warrior spirit.

55. Halvor

Halvor, meaning “defender of the rock,” is for those who desire a name that represents stability and protection.

56. Inge

Going with Inge will give your son a name tied to Norse mythology, meaning “ancestor” or “forefather.”

57. Jostein

The name Jostein combines “horse” and “stone” in Old Norse. It’s rare, meaningful, and has a distinct Norwegian vibe.

58. Kåre

Kåre is unique and unassuming, meaning “curly-haired” in Old Norse. It’s suited for someone who wants a name that’s both distinctive and modest.

59. Lorens

Lured by Latin? Lorens, the Norwegian variant of Lawrence, means “from Laurentum” and brings a historical touch.

60. Njål

Njål is a name that’s quite uncommon. Stemming from Old Norse, it captures the essence of Norway’s Viking ancestry.

61. Oddvar

For a name that stands out, Oddvar means “spear’s edge” and resonates with bravery and sharpness.

62. Pål

The Norwegian variant of Paul, Pål holds a meaning of “small” or “humble,” but its charm is anything but.

63. Skule

Opt for Skule if you’re after something with historical weight. It means “protector” and is traditional yet unusual.

64. Trym

Trym is not your everyday name. It’s tied to the god Thor and means “noisy” or “bold” – perfect for a spirited boy.

65. Vetle

Vetle is a sweet and simple name that means “winter traveler.” It could be ideal for a boy born in the colder months.

66. Ådne

Ådne is a rare gem in Norway. It signifies “eagle” and carries a sense of freedom and power.

67. Haldor

This name fuses Old Norse elements “hallr,” meaning “rock,” and “Thor,” the name of the Norse god of thunder. It implies a solid, strong character, possibly under the protection of Thor.

68. Bjarte

This name is a variant of “Bjartr,” originating from Old Norse. It’s derived from the word “bjart,” meaning “bright” or “clear.” This name suggests someone with a luminous, clear-minded character.

69. Torkel

A name with roots in Old Norse, combining “Thor”, the god of thunder, and “ketill”, meaning “cauldron” or “helmet,” symbolizing protection and strength.

70. Vebjørn

This unique name blends “ve”, meaning “holy” or “battle”, with “bjørn”, meaning “bear,” suggesting a strong and revered character.

FAQ – Norwegian boy names

What are popular Norwegian male names?

Some popular Norwegian male names include Anders, meaning “brave,” Fredrik, which stands for “peace” and “power,” and Hans or Jan, meaning “God is gracious”.

Other common names you might come across in Norway are Johan, Nikolai, Christian/Kristian, Erik/Eric, Emil, Noah, and Oliver are also quite popular.

What is a male Viking name?

A classic male Viking name is Erik, which means “absolute ruler”. Another one is Bjørn, meaning “bear”.

What is a traditional name in Norway?

A traditional Norwegian name is Ole, which has a vowel ending, typical for male names in the country.

Another example is Ingrid, meaning “beautiful”. These names have deep roots in Norwegian culture and history.

What is a strong Viking name?

A strong Viking name is Thorbjørn, which combines the name of the Norse god Thor with bjørn, meaning “bear,” suggesting the strength of both Thor and a bear.

Another one is Leif, as in Leif Erikson, the famous Viking explorer.

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