Baby jogger City Elite review (tested by 2 kids)

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Baby jogger City Elite review

Looking for a Baby Jogger City Elite Review? This combi stroller meets all safety requirements and makes your dreams of comfort and luxury come true.

When I got pregnant with our first son, we spent SO much time looking for a good pram and stroller. In the end, we ended up listening to several of our friends who had a Baby Jogger City Elite, because they absolutely loved it. We bought a used model and have used ours for our two kids. It’s still going strong!

I love the Baby Jogger. The stroller has so many cool features that make life as a parent much easier. Quick-fold technology, stylish design, robust for uneven terrain, light and easy to steer in city driving, are just some of the features the Baby Jogger City Elite has to offer.

In this post, I’ve made a review of the Baby Jogger City Elite, so you can see if the stroller meets you and your little one’s needs.

Let’s get to it!

What is a Baby Jogger?

The idea behind Baby Jogger is to combine an active everyday life with kids. You can easily bring a Baby Jogger with you anywhere – it’s easy to maneuver on the street, in shops and effortless to take on the bus and when you travel. The stroller is quick and easy to fold, and takes up limited space in the car and bus – even a plane.


  • Convertible
  • Can be laid down completely
  • Five-point harness, adjustable handle, built-in footrest and brake
  • UV50 sun protection in sun canopy
  • Ventilation hatch
  • 3 robust, swivel castors that can be locked
  • Weight: 11.5 kg.
  • Dimensions folded: H 115,2 x B 67,5 x L 111,8 cm (can be folded with one hand)

The Baby Jogger City Elite is currently unavailable on Amazon, but you can get another great model here:

Get the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2

What to look for in a pram and stroller

It’s no secret that a stroller is one of your biggest purchases as a new mom, and there are an overwhelming number of types and brands to choose from. So, here are a few key factors to consider when shopping for your ideal stroller; things every mom needs to know.


The weight of a stroller is the first thing you need to know. We can all handle different weights, and you need something that is both sturdy and light enough for you to manage easily.

As this Baby Jogger City Elite review has already mentioned, the City Elite weight is 11.7kg. This is lightweight compared to other strollers, and you’ll be able to push with ease, as well as fold up and carry with one hand.


When you’re walking through a park or down the street, size isn’t an issue. But when you consider folding up your pram to get on a bus or pack it away in a car, size is a really important factor.

The dimensions of the Baby Jogger City Elite are: 67.5×111.8×115.2 cm.

It is also easily foldable, using only one hand, into something that you can comfortably carry with one hand. It can then lie completely flat.


While it is lightweight and foldable — signs that point to a lack of sturdiness — you can rest easy knowing that the Baby Jogger City Elite is incredibly tough. This is a stroller designed to handle a range of terrain options.

The Forever Air rubber tires and all-wheel suspension ensures that this is a stroller built for heavy use, and built to last. I’ve used it for rocks, beach, forest and much more, and it felt very safe and sturdy.

Is the Baby jogger City Elite for me?

Good question. As moms, we all have slightly different wants, needs, and preferences. You need to know if this pram will work for you and your family. In this Baby Jogger City Elite review, we’ll look at exactly what kinds of parents this pram is best designed for, but I’d say it’s a great universal stroller that fits most parents.

Great for busy, active parents

Ask yourself if you’re an active parent. If you think you are, then the Baby Jogger City Elite is most likely the ideal pram for you. And even if you’re not, it’s still a great stroller!

The City Elite weight is 11.7kg, while being able to comfortably carry a child up until they hit 22kg (when they’re about 4,5-5 years old). This ideal weight, combined with its sturdiness, makes the Baby Jogger City Elite ideal for active parents.

The light weight is only half of it; the other half is how easy everything is to manage, even with one hand. The adjustable handlebar; the easy-to-reach handbrake; the all-terrain Forever Air rubber tires; the all-wheel suspension; the adjustable UV50+ canopy vents – everything works with the lifestyle of a busy parent in mind.

Plus, it’s perfect if you have older kids, because you can handle it with just one hand and hold your other child’s hand with the other.

It’s convertible

A good Baby Jogger Elite review needs to pay careful attention to the convertible nature of a stroller. As a convertible stroller, it grows with your family, so you only have to buy (and research your options!) once. Talk about a time- and money saver.

Small and easy

The Baby Jogger City Elite isn’t just convertible. It is designed to be easily foldable by one hand, and in one simple motion. All you need to do is lift the pram’s straps with one hand; the City Elite will fold itself up instantly. This is a stress-free action, perfect for when you need to keep moving and adapt to your situation, like getting on a bus or into a car.

Baby jogger elite


So, what are the benefits of the Baby Jogger City Elite? Below, this Baby Jogger City Elite review will run down all the biggest points to consider; all the key benefits of this impressive and sturdy baby stroller.

It is simple to use, even with one hand

Compact: this stroller can fold away flat

Budget: it isn’t the cheapest pram on the market but, for all its benefits, it is certainly a budget stroller

The Forever Air tires are puncture proof

Foldable: as this Baby Jogger City Elite review has already mentioned, the pram can be folded instantly using one free hand

Easy to drive: three wheels allow for far more maneuverability than four

Very sturdy and robust: you can use this pram on all terrains, worry-free. Seriously; try it and see!

The front tire locks, meaning you can lock it when you’re walking on rough terrain, such as across the beach, over hills, and through woodland

Travel friendly. I’ve travelled to many countries with it, and it causes no extra stress

It has a very large sun canopy with ventilation mesh

The seat reclines to a flat position for your little one to sleep comfortably


Even a baby stroller of this quality is going to have some downsides and problems that might make it less than ideal for some mothers to consider.

There’s not a lot of space below the Baby Jogger City Elite jogger when it’s in full stroller mode

You can’t see the baby when it’s a stroller because it is front-facing. However, one positive thing about this is that, around 10-12 months old, your baby wants to be facing front in order to admire the view.

The Baby Jogger City Elite pram isn’t as big as other prams. Your baby will comfortably fit until they reach about 9 months. However, since the seat reclines, that does mean your baby can comfortably sleep in the stroller during long walks.

Baby jogger elite review

Baby Jogger accessories

The Baby Jogger City Elite comes with a few really handy accessories to improve the comfort of both you and your baby. To finish off this Baby Jogger City Elite review, let’s take a look at the most impressive Baby Jogger City Elite parts and accessories.


If you’re using it as a pram, the most important part, naturally, is the pram itself. Sturdy, easily foldable, and front-facing.

Glider board

A handy part that allows for an older child to hitch a ride, and made extra safe with a non-slip surface. Just be aware that there’s not a lot of space between you and the stroller when big brother/sister stands on the glider board. You’ll need to straighten your arms, which isn’t super comfortable on longer trips. Get yours here.


In case your little one needs anything, there is an optional child tray which you can attach and detach at your convenience. Get yours here.

Rain cover

This stroller is already ideal for all terrains. With the rain cover, it’s also ideal for all weather conditions as well. Get yours here.

Mosquito cover

Very handy for when summer arrives, or if you head out on vacation! Get yours here.

Baby jogger parent console

This parent console even comes with a handy cup holder for added convenience and comfort as you take your little one on a long city walk. Get yours here.

Belly bar

Easily attachable, with a soft grip and extremely sturdy. Perfect for that added safety and security. Get yours here.

Alternatives for the City Elite 2

City Mini GT 2

My brother has the City Mini GT 2 for their kids and I’ve borrowed it a few times. It’s very lightweight and ideal for city strolling. More a less a lighter version than the City Elite (2kg lighter).

baby jogger city elite review

  • Convertible
  • Can be laid down completely
  • Five-point harness, adjustable handle, built-in footrest and brake
  • UV50 sun protection in sun canopy
  • Ventilation hatch
  • 3 robust, swivel castors that can be locked
  • Weight: 9.5 kg.
  • Dimensions folded: H 82.5 x W 65.3 x L 33 cm (can be folded with one hand).
Get yours here

baby jogger city elite review

City Tour 2

The City Tour 2 is great for traveling as it only weights 6,4 kg! Plus, it’s ultra-compact, and with a one-step fold you can bring it as hand luggage (it includes a travel bag) or store it.

baby jogger city elite reviewbaby jogger city elite review

  • Convertible
  • Can be laid down completely
  • Five-point seat belt, built-in footrest and brake
  • UV50 sun protection in sun canopy
  • Window / peephole with ventilation hatch
  • 4 shock-absorbing foam wheels that can be locked
  • The trolley weighs 6.5 kg (lightweight trolley)
  • Dimensions folded: H 20 x W 77 cm x L 53 cm
Get yours here

The verdict

If you’re wondering if the Baby Jogger is worth the investment, I hope I’ve convinced you that it is. The thing I love most about it is how lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, it is. When I’ve gone on walks with other moms, and they bring their bulky, heavy prams or strollers, I’m reminded how great the Baby Jogger is. It’s one of those buys I always recommend new moms because you use it every single day and it’s so important that you’re happy with your pram/stroller.

I hope – no matter which model you choose – that you’ll be happy with yours, too.

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baby jogger city elite review
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