10 best non toxic baby wipes

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non toxic baby wipes

What are the best non toxic baby wipes on the market today? Which baby wipes work well without exposing your little one to harmful chemicals?

I’ve made it easy for you. In this post, you’ll find the 10 best non toxic baby wipes that are safe to use.

Let’s take a look.

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What are the safest baby wipes?

As parents, we all use baby wipes on a daily basis, so it’s vital that we’re using the safest baby wipes. There can be harmful ingredients in baby wipes, but the easiest way to avoid this is by using non toxic baby wipes.

When shopping around and doing your research, you’re looking out for “baby wipes non toxic” on the packaging. Non toxic baby products are always going to be the safest choice for you and your little one.

What I use

My safe baby wipes of choice are the Änglamark Luxury Washcloths. These foam washcloths are much better for baby’s skin than other non toxic baby wipes. They’re soft, delicate, absorbent, and chemical free baby wipes.

They’re not as handy on the go, though, because you’ll need water. But you can bring a small bundle of foam cloths, make them wet, add a little baby oil and then put them in a small disposable bag.

I pack non-toxic baby wipes in my diaper bag, though. It’s just easier.

Harmful ingredients in baby wipes

We often hear about the importance of non toxic baby wipes, and how you can find phenoxyethanol in baby wipes, amongst other scary-sounding chemicals.

But what are these dangerous chemicals, exactly? Not all chemicals are harmful; everything from dirt to fruit to humans is made of them! So what baby wipe chemicals are we looking to avoid, specifically?


First of all, many baby wipes are imbued with an unnecessary fragrance, and the chemicals used to create that artificial scent can be unnecessary and harmful. They can cause irritation and dryness, or even allergic reactions in some babies (and their parents as well).


Parabens are known to be found in the bigger brands of baby wipes (little surprise there) and they can have a really nasty effect on the skin. Parabens cause dryness, itching, swelling, and more. If you search for baby wipes on Amazon, the top searched items are likely to have parabens, which is why it’s so important to look for non toxic baby wipes.


Phenoxyethanol is used as an antibacterial preservative, rather than as anything useful for baby’s skin. If it’s used in a concentration of 1% or lower, it is safe for adults, but if babies ingest these chemicals their nervous systems can be affected.

Best non toxic baby wipes

So in short, the best way to guarantee baby wipes safety is to buy non toxic baby wipes. This is how you ensure that your baby won’t have any unfortunate or upsetting allergic reactions, develop a nasty rash, or any other side effects. These are the best non toxic baby wipes for your little one.

1. Jackson Reece wipes

The Jackson Reese wipes are some of the best non toxic baby wipes on the market. If you’re looking to be eco friendly as well as friendly to your baby’s skin, these are completely biodegradable! Given that they are plant-based, you can call these both the best organic baby wipes and the best natural baby wipes. They tick every box. Buy it on Amazon.

non toxic baby wipesnon toxic baby wipes

2. Babo Botanicals 3-in-1 Sensitive Baby Wipes

Just like the Jackson Reese wipes, these are natural, cruelty-free non toxic baby wipes that are ideal for you as well as your baby. They use natural aloe vera and cucumber scents (not artificial) and are also hypoallergenic, if you have a baby with especially sensitive skin (which is extremely common and important to consider when shopping for the best baby wipes). Buy it on Amazon.

non toxic baby wipesnon toxic baby wipes

3. Bum Boosa

With a natural, non toxic, non artificial scent and developed with eco-friendliness in mind, these are a great option. You can buy the Bum Boosa baby wipes in bulk every once in a while and know that you’re being kind to your baby, your wallet, and the environment! A winning formula. Free of sulfates and scented with aloe vera, these are safe and friendly baby wipes. Buy it on Amazon.

non toxic baby wipesnon toxic baby wipes

4. Honest Wipes

Just as their name promises, these are honest baby wipes that are good to your baby and the world in general. You’ll find no alcohol, no parabens, and no fragrances in these non toxic baby wipes. They are entirely safe and hypoallergenic. Made from 99% water, they are as safe as baby wipes can be! Their packaging even comes in a selection of style and color options, which is a very sweet bonus! Buy it on Amazon.

non toxic baby wipesnon toxic baby wipes

5. Eco by Naty wipes

No plastic and no nasty chemicals means these eco baby wipes are entirely biodegradable, making for a 100% safe option when shopping for non toxic baby wipes. Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, as well as cruelty free, these Eco wipes are the ideal choice if you’re worried about sensitive skin as well as caring for the environment. Buy it on Amazon.

non toxic baby wipesnon toxic baby wipes

6. Pampers sensitive

Pampers have gone to impressive lengths to bring customers this range of sensitive, unscented, hypoallergenic baby wipes that are just as safe as all the smaller brands out there. No parabens, no alcohol, and no artificial fragrances makes for a great, safe choice from a big brand. Buy it on Amazon.

non toxic baby wipesnon toxic baby wipes

7. Aveeno Baby Sensitive All Over Wipes

Aveeno, like Pampers, is another big name brand, but this range is another one that can be trusted. These baby wipes are unscented and use both aloe vera and oat extract to make for a soft, safe product for you to use on your baby’s skin (as well as your own, if you want to). Buy it on Amazon.

non toxic baby wipesnon toxic baby wipes

8. Seventh Generation Baby Wipes

This is another great option if you want to buy in bulk. These baby wipes use no parabens, alcohol, or artificial fragrances. If you need your baby wipes to be hypoallergenic, you’re guaranteed that here as well. Buy it on Amazon.

non toxic baby wipesnon toxic baby wipes

9. WaterWipes Sensitive Baby Wipes

As the name states, these non toxic baby wipes are predominantly made from water, and so are both safe and ideal for your little one’s skin. No matter the skin type, or how sensitive, these wipes are safe to use. Buy it on Amazon.

non toxic baby wipesnon toxic baby wipes

10. Babyganics Unscented Baby Wipes

Plant-based, non-allergenic, and unscented. These are the ideal non toxic baby wipes for you and your little one. They are also affordable and ideal to buy in bulk. No parabens, sulfates, or phthalates are to be found in the safe and friendly baby wipes. Buy it on Amazon.

non toxic baby wipes

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non toxic baby wipes

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