How to find the best non toxic car seat

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Non toxic car seat

Looking for a non toxic car seat? Here’s everything you need to know.

When choosing the best car seat for your little one, you want the safest option. That gives you peace of mind because you know that your baby or toddler is well protected in the back seat. But what if the safest car seat available is made with flame retardants and other chemicals?

Unfortunately, that’s the reality for most car seats today. So, if you’re looking for one that’s free from harmful chemicals and toxins, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I’m showing you what to look for and which brands and models are safe to choose.

Let’s dive in.

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Baby’s physical safety is always top priority

This goes without saying but nothing is more important than the health and safety of your little one. In order to guarantee that safety, however, there are a few key things to keep in mind before finding the best non toxic car seat.

Reliable manufacturer

This is the first thing. When we buy anything, we typically go for something by a manufacturer that we trust and respect. When it comes to safety, this attitude is more important than ever! A manufacturer of non-toxic car seats that has a good track record and safety awards under its belt is going to mean more than anything when it comes to safety.

Check height and weight limits

Another thing to keep in mind when choosing the best non toxic infant car seat is height and weight limits. The age of your little one is not as important as their height and weight. Check what height and weight limits the non-toxic car seat you choose has, and always make sure your baby’s height and weight fall within those limits in order to guarantee their safety.

Easy to use

For many reasons, including safety, ease of use is important when it comes to choosing a non toxic infant car seat. A non toxic car seat that’s complicated to use runs the risk of being installed improperly, thus endangering your little one. Consider Isofix (the international standard for child car seat fittings in cars) if your car has it.

Rear-face your child as long as possible

This is the safest position to have your child in. As you probably know, toddlers’ heads are disproportionately large, and this extra weight can cause damage to their spine if they are in a crash and facing forwards. A rear-facing car seat absorbs the majority of the impact and keeps your baby’s head and spine safest.

Two chemicals to avoid

When shopping for non toxic car seats, there are two key chemicals you need to be wary of and steer clear of.

Flame retardants

Make sure you’re carefully shopping for car seats without flame retardants. While they have an obvious use that’s in their name, flame retardant chemicals are toxic and need to be avoided. So always look for flame retardant free car seats.

PFA (waterproofing chemicals)

Once again, waterproofing has its obvious uses but, just like with flame retardants, the chemicals used in waterproofing car seats are toxic and not good for your little one.

Why avoid Flame Retardants in Car Seats

In case this is something you have never come across before, here are the key reasons why you need to avoid flame retardants when shopping for a non toxic car seat.

Health impact

The chemicals used to make flame retardant car seats have been linked to a number of potential health risks, including cancer, inhibited brain development, and even negative effects to the thyroid. Safety studies have shown evidence of some of these safety concerns, as well as negative effects on the environment.

How we’re exposed to flame retardants

The simplest way to expose your child to flame retardants is to have them come into contact with materials made from them. Skin contact is enough to run a risk, especially considering that babies have thinner skin than we do! Children also love putting things in their mouth and are liable to stick their fingers in their mouth after touching the car seat.

Are car seats safe without flame retardants?

Put simply, yes, absolutely. All car seats, whether they use flame retardants or not, must meet federal safety standards. Many car seat manufacturers use flammable materials and then offset that by using flame retardants. Others avoid this issue altogether by designing non toxic car seats that are not composed from flammable materials (like synthetic fibres) and thus don’t require flame retardants.

The best non-toxic car seats

Now that we’ve carefully looked at the chemicals to avoid and the safety tips to consider, let’s go over the best non toxic infant car seats for you to best protect your little one with.


Britax is a world-famous British/German brand that manufactures some of the safest, most well-respected childcare products on the market, including the safest car seats for babies.

Infant car seat

Non toxic car seatNon toxic car seat

This non toxic car seat from Britax is made using alloy steel, making it one of the safest car seats on the market. Aside from just how safe and sturdy it is, this non toxic car seat is also quick and easy to wash. Buy it on Amazon.


Non toxic car seatNon toxic car seat

This non toxic convertible car seat uses seat belt installation and is also made from alloy steel. Safety is all but guaranteed with this, the best non toxic convertible car seat on the market, even when measured against the other convertible car seats without flame retardants. Buy it on Amazon.


Non toxic car seatNon toxic car seat

Here’s an excellent all-in-one non toxic car seat. It can be tweaked and altered to be as comfortable as possible, while remaining completely safe and secure at all times. It also comes in a range of different pleasing colors. Buy it on Amazon.

Booster seat

Non toxic car seatNon toxic car seat

If you’re looking for a non toxic toddler car seat rather than a seat for babies, this booster seat is what you need. This seat has a back that can be easily removed, depending on your little one’s needs and offers three layers of impact protection. Buy it on Amazon.


UPPAbaby is another renowned brand that focuses on making and selling the best strollers and car seats money can buy.

Infant car seat

Non toxic car seatNon toxic car seat

This car seat comes in a range of styles, each with a different name. But to guarantee that you’re getting a non-toxic infant car seat, make sure to buy the Henry type. This one is made from merino wool and is the safest option for your little one. Buy it on Amazon.


Maxi-Cosi have made a strong name for themselves by providing a range of different baby travel products that meet your needs as a parent.

Infant car seat

Non toxic car seatNon toxic car seat

The best Maxi-Cosi car seat on the market is this infant car seat. It offers four different modes of carry, and is made without any dangerous flame retardants to guarantee the health, as well as the safety, of your baby. Buy it on Amazon.

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